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The Worst Thing Ever
2008-04-16 14:45
by Will Carroll

There's few things in life more boring than hearing someone talk about their fantasy team. First, we need shorthand for it. Next time someone calls in to a show I'm doing and spends more time explaining their rule set than their actual problem, I'm going to call Leon. Second, most questions seem to come from people in leagues I've never seen. 4 team Mixed Leagues that look like All-Star teams or a guy who's trying to decide whether to drop Jimmy Rollins or Hanley Ramirez because he has Jeter already. Finally, most questions only seem to matter to the caller. Give me something, anything, that someone else can take something away from it and I'm ok.

So I'm going to bitch about my team. 10 Team Mixed League with five keepers. I kept Pujols, Russell Martin, Ichiro, Manny and C.C. Two of those have tanked hard in two weeks. The problem is my pitching, starting with Sabathia, who's been crap.

Sabathia (crap)
Gallardo (injured, coming back this weekend, but I knew he was hurt when I picked him and got value)
Wang (decent, about as expected, but he's the only one)
Phil Hughes (stunk so far)
Scott Kazmir (uh-huh)
Matt Garza (same thing)
Dustin McGowan (picked up off waivers, decent enough)

So the starters have stunk or been injured. That looks like enough -- Sabathia, Wang, Gallardo, Kazmir -- and it should be, with depth. Except it hasn't been. The bullpen is no better.

Broxton (decent enough, but not as many Ks as I expected)
Betancourt (sucked like CC, but could get some saves now)
Riske (grabbed him late as a Gagne play)
Mariano Rivera

Ok, Rivera's fine, but I had to trade Justin Upton to get him. I was stacked in the OF (Ichiro, Fukudome, Manny, Carlos Gomez, and Josh Hamilton with Rick Ankiel on the bench) so it made sense, but I'd punted saves in the draft but made a quick U-turn on that strategy when faced with the chance to get Rivera who should on his own put me mid-pack in saves.

I'm hitting well, so I'll save you that discussion. At least I'm doing well in the Experts League I usually tank in.

2008-04-16 15:38:23
1.   kylepetterson
I know how you feel. My fantasy PONG team is 0-8.

Seriously, though. My wife has me on a diet.
I fantasize about sex, pizza, hot wings, and pizza.

2008-04-16 15:45:45
2.   Smed
Hey, then there's the old school rotiss I played for years. AL only. 14 players, 9 pitchers. Youy are stuck with your team unless injury, minors (someone gets sent up or down and you have the minor league rights), or someone comes from the NL.

So it's all about drafting and trading, and by gosh you didn't want to be left at the end when the pitching choices came down to Jamie Navarro, LaTroy Hawkins, or Scott Kaminiecki.

2008-04-16 15:53:50
3.   Cliff Corcoran
I know Wang's strikeouts are low, but he's been a lot better than decent, and better than expected after three starts.

Otherwise, I feel you as I have both C.C. (a keeper) and Garza on my team as well and am struggling with Jeremy Bonderman and Gil Meche as well.

2008-04-16 17:02:44
4.   Derek Smart
Same Garza problems, but wound up dropping him for Shaun Marcum, and that's worked out well so far (Had to drop him because Kazmir was on my DL, and Marcum was the guy who came free when Yahoo! finally put Cueto on the wire). If only Valverde weren't trying to single-handedly knock me out of contention....
2008-04-17 07:02:57
5.   mehmattski
As someone who drafted Roy Oswalt, AJ Burnett, and Justin Verlander, I feel your pain. Greg Maddux and Tim Hudson are leading my pitching staff- it's like I'm back in 2002.

Trading Justin Upton is rough. I've got both him and BJ, and they seem to be getting along OK. But if they start fighting I'm going to have to turn this van around, so help me!

2008-04-17 14:23:09
6.   George Y
Broxton has 12 K's in 7 1/3 IP. What do you want from him? (I want Torre to let him get a Hold every now and then.)

Remember, even in fantasy it's a long season. Right now my two best starting pitchers are Greinke and Bannister. Nuff said, no?

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