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2008-04-06 20:18
by Scott Long

The World's greatest rock band, Muse, just put out a great live disc with bonus DVD last week. The show demonstrates the amazing talents of the band. They rock Wembley Stadium like they are QUeen during their prime. Check out Knights of Cydonnia.


I can't explain why this makes me laugh so hard, but it does. Unicorns....Ambrosia....yummy.


Steve Stone and Ed Farmer share the White Sox radio broadcasting booth. They are the best duo I have ever heard cover a game.


David Cook is my favorite contestant in American Idol history. The show has 6 contestants better than anyone on last season's show.


Considering what is on my plate, I can understand how this might happen.



2008-04-07 14:19:31
1.   Chyll Will
There's a lot to be said about severe blogging (for lack of a better term), and unfortunately many people don't seem to take it seriously until it hits close to home. I'd scaled back some on my own because of external pressures that had nothing to do with pay, not to mention the stress I created for myself. Be careful, Scott...
2008-04-07 16:30:13
2.   Suffering Bruin
I couldn't do it. I'd like to but there is no way I could sustain a blog. Remember when Scott said anyone who wants to send an entry to get published on Juice Blog should just e-mail him? I've been planning on doing that for about two months now.
2008-04-07 17:18:24
3.   Scott Long
Thanks Bruin, I had wanted to mention that point, but didn't want anyone to feel badly about it. The blog is my responsibility, but it is way more time-consuming than many would think. How Josh is able to come up so consistently with his cardboard short story masterpieces is remarkable.

I can see why a lot of people just do the link and comment type blogging, as it is easier and much quicker to do. When you do it well like Mr. Timmerman, it is great, but most of the people who do these offer little. There is so much information out there that it is easy to get lost in the blizzard of white noise.

I'm really trying my best to put something up here on a weekly basis, but it is getting harder to find the time to do it. We will see if I can continue to keep this thing afloat. Stay tuned to see if the Juice Blog survives 3 hungry children and a crop in the field.

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