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Standup Dates Announced
2008-02-23 08:36
by Scott Long

I haven't done this in awhile, so I thought I would list the cities I will be performing at over the next couple of months. These are all headlining dates, except for the one in Indy.

February 28-1 Bloomington, MN Joke Joint Comedy Club (right next to Mall of America)

March 13-15 St. Louis area Comedy Forum (specifically St. Peters, MO)

March 19-22 Indy Crackers in Broad Ripple (feature date)

April 23-26 Kansas City area Famous Johnny's Overland Park, KS

May 1-3 Detroit area Chaplins Clinton Township, MI

May 8-10 Chicago area Comedy Comedy Aurora, IL (Walter Payton's Roundhouse)

If any of these dates work with your schedule, email me at and I will see about getting you discounted tickets.

2008-02-23 10:39:42
1.   jgpyke
Congrats! That's great news. I see you have a nice chunk of time in there for the twins to come.

Right before my daughter was born--overdue, in fact--I tried to talk my wife into driving to Cincy for opening day to see the Cubs. My main argument was, "C'mon, Lieber's pitching! We'll be back in no time." She would have none of it.

2008-02-23 14:19:26
2.   chris in illinois
Congratulations!! As the father of twins, I can say that there is nothing quite like it. It's also not as difficult as it might seem right now.

Naturally, I can't make those St. Louis dates----I'm heading to San Diego on the 15th and will be working on the 13th and 14th...Aurora in May, might work.....

2008-02-23 14:33:01
3.   Bluebleeder87
Man, when are you performing in L.A?
2008-02-23 14:33:03
4.   Bluebleeder87
Man, when are you performing in L.A?
2008-02-23 15:14:11
5.   Chyll Will
Good for you, man! Now if only I get a PA gig out those ways one of those days... >;)
2008-02-23 15:55:31
6.   Scott Long
As I've outlined before, it just is really hard to make any money doing standup in LA. You basically have to have a couple comedy central or hbo specials to get to do more than a 15 minute set there. I've featured at the IMPROV's (30 minute sets) at the IMPROV's in the past, but it just doesn't pay enough to make it worth my while. I'd love to do a show out there, just so the Toaster fans could come and see me, but I don't see that happening in the near future. I promise I will share if I'm in SoCal, though.
2008-02-23 20:59:45
7.   StolenMonkey86
I just watched Wayne's World again this evening so the Aurora mention amused me.
2008-02-24 00:05:25
8.   Scott Long
Considering the show is in Aurora, it does make more sense that instead of being at the Walter Payton Roundhouse complex, it would be the Stan Mikita Roundhouse. Excellent! Party Time!
2008-02-26 12:53:20
9.   Schteeve
Have you considered the following joke:

So, I write a baseball blog called The Juice...Roger Clemens loves it.

2008-02-26 19:55:13
10.   Scott Long

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