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2003-10-29 13:44
by Will Carroll

Let me say - apologies for not showing up earlier after the WS, but the day-job and family have a nasty way of interferring with blogging.

What the heck is all this talk of ITunes, Outkast, and RSS? Man I must be old, 'cus you'all lost me...

I know there's been much post-mortem on the Yanks season, but can we all finally agree that they weren't nearly the 2nd best team in the tournament? If Michael Lewis can posit that the '02 A's were clearly a better team that the '02 Twins, I can simliarly opine that the '03 Twins were a marginally better team than this version of the Yanks. Morever, if the RSox weren't so damn scared of winning the ALCS, and had the 'nads to bust out the whopping stick a little more, they would have pounded the Bronx Bombers. All credit to them for beating the dilapidated Twins and the "deer-in-headlights" RSox, but don't give me this sorrow that they lost the WS. They were overly lucky (to use a Saber term) to get there. (And NO the Bombers pitching wasn't all that!)

So, where does that leave us? Post-season awards are around the corner, and the casual baseball fan will always ask - - especially when Jack McKeon doesn't win the manager of the year award - - "Why don't they count post-season performance?" Well...because in baseball the regular-season matters. At least in the pre-Bud world of the Monarchy we now live under. The current version of the post-season tournament (and yes it is a tournament) does not give enough credit to the teams that win their division. I know, I know, this is a tired issue, right? Sheehan, Costas, Pappas, etc. have railed against this forever. Well it still pisses me off that the Marlins record in April and May can be of virtually no consequence as it comes to post-season effects. And what about the A's v. RSox? (Please don't give me the one-home game in five answer.) I may be old-fashioned, a fuddy-duddy, or downright ohmy, but winning your division should be worth more.

Am I the only one who loves the music to these Jaguar commercials?

Here in the upper-Midwest people are actually spouting off the "Sammy to NYY" rumors. Please...How tired is this. Sammy isn't going anywhere. Its bad posturing at best, but more appropriately a slap in the face to the good fans of Chicago.

I hate to disagree with Will, but I believe this latest steriod-induced-THG-subpoena craze will be HUGE. Darwinism tells me that we will adapt to what makes it more likely that our offspring will flourish. And if that includes unnatural means, well so be it.

OK to prove my coolness - any Radiohead fans out there? What did you think of that last CD? Looked to me like it was received rather cooly by everyone concerned.

That's it for now.... a commerical bird is calling.

Onward and Upward,


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