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no title
2003-10-19 22:28
by Will Carroll

Dusty Baker is at the World Series. That's bad enough, but he's there to accept the "Manager's Move of the Year" award for putting Troy O'Leary in a game in the 14th vs. Arizona. I'd have to look, but I'm betting there wasn't much left on the bench at that time, but Dusty winning the award shows the value of this award.

MLB has done a phenomenal job with their online offerings in the offseason. Downloadable, burnable video. Internet of team's radio feeds (so I can listen to Boog and DVH). Gameday's accurate placement of pitches, including a couple instances that were marked as strikes, but out of their zone. Kudos to Bob Bowman and his staff. If he keeps doing this well, he might leapfrog Sandy Alderson as someone that needs to be considered for the next commissioner's job.

The Fish got out of the Bronx with a split and that has to be pretty good by them. Three games in Pro Player should lean to the home team, esp with the cavernous center field. I think Matsui can handle the Teal Curtain. McKeon's use of Pavano is interesting. I think he's leaning to bringing Penny back for Game Four or maybe Willis. His use of starters on the side day is making me curious - is there a real reason this can't work in the regular season? It's something I'm looking into.

Why no World Series Health Report? Because there's no health issues. It's much like last season - the Yankees have been pretty healthy all year and the Marlins were able to overcome some injuries. Health is a prime indicator of success.

I'm on The Score in Chicago tomorrow morning around 7.30 and I'll do a BP chat at noon Eastern, so plenty going on in the Will Carroll Media Empire. Apologize for the spotty posts, but I'm coming down off the Cubs losses and what for me is the end of the season. I'm interested in the World Series, but I'll admit that it's not as much as most seasons. I'll get over it soon and start cranking out work on the book and here ... and over at BP.

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