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Hey Its Dan
2003-10-11 22:38
by Will Carroll

Just catching up on some great posts on this yet unnamed blog...and everyone is adding some great comments.

If you missed "Dichotomies", I urge you to go scroll back down and read that post by Will. I've been reading him since the near-genesis of UTK, and that post was the best written vignette of his that has graced this writer's eye. All I can say is that book is going to be one good read...

All right, enough sucking-up to the owner...

If Don Zimmer threw a punch at me, I'd tumble him too. The guy is an idiot and shouldn't be on the field anyway. Pedro is a very bad man, and messing with him leads me to believe Don has more problems that just hemorrhoids.

I haven't read a lot of post-game anaylsis, but was Pedro hurt out there? Why was he throwing 85% off-speed pitches in innnings 3-6?

Spending the midday watching the unbelievably bad University of Illinois football team made me consider how mediocrity can slip into our lives and become an accepted form of performance. How is it that we humans - - and you Ron Gunther! - - can rationalize away such weekly travesties?

Seeing as we are talking literary texts, anyone read "The Corrections?" I believe it, and "Infinite Jest", will be two of the books that define this era of fiction. Care to chime in Michael?

I want to know one thing...does anyone care that Monmouth beat Wagner? Why is that on my screen? Towson v. Holy Cross?

If the New York Times' A.O. Scott thinks Sean Penn's performance in "Mystic River" is one of the defining roles of the last fifty years, we all need to see it. Tony Scott, who was hand-picked from Slate by NYT's current Executive Editor Bill Kellor, is one of the truly bright stars in the that paper's arsenal. He knows literature and film guys. Take his word and spend the $8.50 on Eastwood's latest.

Jeff Brantley is much better on BBTN than earlier in the year. However, regarding Bret Boone...Aaron are you watching a different series? I'm not sure if he's any good because half the time I can't hear him! I've noticed that Leiter has gotten much better in his broadcasting skills, but Boone is still pretty weak if you ask this fill-in blogger.

That's it for tonight, I'll be back on Tuesday.

Thanks for listening.


BTW Will...How many did those Aggies score today? Jeez...

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