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initial impressions
2003-10-10 19:57
by Will Carroll

Oh - Lyons has a new toy, the little dot thing ... could be cool.

That ball was a LASER. Maybe not the 495 foot Krush Groove from Game Two, but fast. It reminded me of McGwire's shot off Trachsel for #62 just a few years back.

Kenny Lofton, a left to the jaw and DOWN GOES REDMAN! DOWN GOES REDMAN! Glad to see them point out it was not comparable to Fick's "hatchet job" on Karros.

Damn. Has Alex "Sea Bass" Gonzalez been this good defensively all along?

iTunes is insanely cool. If you don't have a Mac, you get lucky next week. Trust me - get this one and legally get your music ... not that I'm against Kazaa, I just like the opportunity to be legal when I so choose and support deserving artists. I also don't like the DMCA and the RIAA's crazy Ashcroftian policies.

There's an inverse relationship between things I'm really happy with when I write them and the number of comments.

Juan Pierre's head must be fixed.

Ok, I stand corrected. Hottest chick on TV might be on Dragnet: Roselyn Sanchez. No lie, she's perhaps the hottest woman I've seen since ... well, maybe Salma Hayek, which is kind of funny because I'm not attracted by rule to Latin women ... but I'm open minded!

Wayne Rosenthal, the Marlins pitching coach, is said by most that I've spoken to to be a competent pitching coach that communicates well with his young staff. He's not Leo Mazzone or Rick Peterson, but just competent is probably enough at this point since most pitching coaches are probably an effective negative to their organizations. He just looks like a big goofy guy, the one you probably see at the neighborhood bar and kinda hope you don't have to sit next to.

The AOL "Sting" commercial is cute, but they're advertising a PROBLEM. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd have a major problem with them being unsupervised on a program where some random person could send them video. There's obvious security problems and a big, massive hole for the kind of child-baiting or kiddie-porn that too many people think is the sole use for the 'Net. My grandmother thinks that the only thing on the Net is porn and that anyone on their is some perv. I'm not denying there's porn - there's a lot and if that's your thing, cool - but there's also a lot of cool stuff. Information. Education. Discourse. Freedom. Opportunity (including those I am always sent from that nice man in Nigeria.) Heck, one of my fave sites is a porn review site. (Look! My first link! Don't click on it if you can't see boobs where you read this.) I'm just saying that there's serious concerns there and AOL would rather sell the feature than acknowledge the problems and encourage parents to be, well, good parents. I'm all for education, not enforcement or limiting freedoms. Just to equal out my karma, here's a phenomenal site that combats the evil of child pornography in many ways, Andrew Vachss' Zero.

Back to baseball ... Redman's not looking good. If Pavano comes in this early, then not only are the Marlins in trouble, Pavano probably can't come back if McKeon decided to push Penny out of the rotation.

Great mound points by Leiter. He's growing on me. Why isn't there some tool or template that can be placed on any mound, anywhere to ensure that there's uniformity? Seems easy enough and I can't be the only person to think of it. Remember that Mark Mulder's injury was caused by a sharply sloped mound in Philly.

Enough for now. Pizza should nearly be here. I'm powered by Sam Adams tonite, for those that care.

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