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Quick Takes from Dan
2003-10-08 13:41
by Will Carroll

Hey everyone, just some quick random thoughts today..

1.) Al Leiter offered some good pitching analysis last night, but he needs a major broadcasting lesson - ASAP! Al, you are talking to millions of people, not just Thom and Psycho, please speak into the mike as such; and try not to talk over a pitch - - that's usually when the play-by-play guy talks.

2.) Thom Brennaman is trying way too hard to be majestic. Its a tough call from last night game because the Leiter insertion definitely jarred the booth's timing, but if he sticks more to just calling the game he'll be much more palatable.

3.) This Ladies and Gentlemen now serves as highly-paid, highly-visible baseball analysis. Compliments of Syd Thrift in the USA Today, "Bernie (Williams) is still a fine center fielder." I know its easy to pick on McPaper, but this kind of nonsense has to be stopped. They certainly aren't going to go hire Joe Sheehan, but the least they could do is bring in someone who has a clue about the sport they are ostensibly opining upon.

4.) My wish for all sports fans is that Terry Boers and Dan Berstein could be heard by everyone across the radio dial. Stuck right now on middays at WSCR in Chicago (I know, I know, not a small job), they are the smartest guys on radio, period.

5.) You heard it here first, but Mark Shapiro will not survive this Limbaugh/Playmakers aftermath. Now its being reported the Bucs are boycotting ESPN for interviews - which is probably false but represents a leak by someone (anyone in the league office want to step up?) The NFL is furious and even someone as high-powered as Shapiro cannot survive the wrath of NFL execs when they feel something has been done to reduce the marketability of their product.

6.) The Cubs must get one non-Wood/Prior win. Last night was a great shot, we'll see where it goes.

7.) I don't know about you but... how is it that the aforementioned Joe Sheehan isn't part of the BBWWA? Its a scary, scary world.

8.) Arnold is now the Chief Executive of the world's fifth largest economy. How does that taste all you Cali readers? Its a scary, scary world.

9.) Ratings for baseball's post-season are up, so....Let's Expand The Playoffs! I must say this is a winning idea, and a great example of a logicians nightmare. No really, the NHL's playoffs ratings are great and almost everyone makes the playoffs. So let's just totally dilute the regular season and let everyone in who doesn't finish in last place - that will really spike ratings! Bud's a scary, scary man. More on this later in a longer post.

10.) How could Alan Barra write a column more erroneous (Limbaugh flap) followed by one so dead on (Themes in Baseball's Postseason)?

Thanks for listening. Onward and Upward,


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