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Two Good Ones
2003-10-07 09:00
by Will Carroll

You can imagine the night I had. The ALDS Game Five was just as good as everyone expected, coming down to the last two batters - Chris Singleton and Terrence Long. You can imagine those are about the last two guys the A's wanted up in that situation. Where payroll wins is in depth and not having anyone to go to in that situation is where Steve Schott will need to look in the mirror. I guess everyone gets another chance to go after Billy Beane, but this will be a big winter for Beane as he has two big free agents to deal with - Miguel Tejada, who'll probably end up in Los Angeles with boyhood hero Alfredo Griffin, and Paul DePodesta, who won't get the Seattle job that's going to go to current M's player development guy Benny Looper.

The collision last night was horrific and I talk more about it in my Playoff Health Report, up later today on BP.

The Colts game kept me up late with an improbable, near-miracle comeback by the Colts, keeping them unbeaten, even with Edge. I think the Bucs are still on the field, arguing the "leaping" call that gave Vanderjagt a second chance to miss a field goal. Doink! Games like that one get you the destiny tag they so love to give out in the NFL. Personally, I can't wait to see what NFL Films does with this one.

No rest for the wicked as Game One of the NLCS goes tonight - Zambrano vs Beckett. I didn't get media credentials for the game, which is a long and developing story, so I'll be watching it on TV with the rest of you. The crowd will be electric tonight as the lights go on at Wrigley for what I think will be a great series. I'm calling this one for the Cubs in six - winning both at home, one in Miami, then coming back to clinch with Prior on the mound in Game Six. Yanks vs Cubs? Sox vs Cubs? Who woulda thunk it?

I'm getting some good info on the Vegas connections and should have something later this week for you. That's a story I don't think is getting enough attention around baseball and could become the big off-season story.

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