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What? Another Freaking Baseball Post!
2007-08-08 23:58
by Scott Long

When I started writing with Will Carroll a few years back, I was often ripped when I did not write about baseball. Now I feel like many of the readers here are disappointed when I actually post something on the subject. I promise that I will get back to pop culture issues soon, so bear with me today. Thanks.

  • Steve Stone is filling in for Darrin Jackson this week on White Sox telecasts and he was great during the 13th inning thriller at US Cellular. His insight and player breakdowns are the best in the biz and it is shameful that someone hasn't come up with the dough to put him back in the booth on a full-time basis. Juan Uribe, who had made 2 costly errors which led to the extra inning affair, was predicted by Stone to win the game with his bat, right before he came to the plate. I haven't seen such great prediction skills during the game since Hank Stram was in the booth with Jack Buck, during the radio broadcast of Monday Night Football. FREE STEVE STONE!!
  • Joe Borowski proved my most recent point, as he is going to blow a lot more big games down the stretch. The guy has Jaime Gillis-sized stones, but he lacks the stuff to make it happen on a consistent basis, despite what his save number would point to.
  • If you missed it, Bobby Jenks has retired 35 straight* consecutive batters, which puts him only 3 more outs from tying David Wells' AL record of 38. (I struck the word straight, as there's a good chance that not all of these hitters were heterosexuals.)
  • Barry Bonds is the greatest player I've ever seen in my lifetime, which spans 35 years of watching baseball. Just because you are a douchebag, doesn't mean you don't deserve props. I mean, if I get a vote, I'm putting Dennis Miller in the standup comedy hall of fame.
  • The Mariners have tied the Tigers for the AL wild card, with the Yankees a half game behind them. Throw the Indians in the mix and you have 4 teams within 1 game of each other. Here's my latest prediction. I think the Twins will have a better record than these 4, from here on out. I'm really tempted to pick them to win their division or at least the wild card, but being 5 games back is just a little too much. Right now, I see the 5 ending up this way.
  1. Indians (win Central)
  2. Yankees
  3. Twins
  4. Tigers
  5. Mariners
  • The White Sox still have 13 games left with the Indians and Tigers. With their bullpen actually getting people out and having the healthiest starting pitching staff in the league, I suspect they will be the spoiler the rest of the season for the AL Central. I told you at the start of the year that this division wasn't as good as it has been the past 2 seasons. (of course, I also told you the White Sox would win the Central.) Will anyone even reach the 88 games I predicted the winner would wind up with?
  • If the Red Sox lose a couple of games, there will be no team in either league with a record over .600? Someone who likes to look this kind of stuff up should do some research to find out if this has ever been the case. Another thing to look up has there ever been a season since the each league split into 2 divisions that only one team finished below .400? Currently, only the D-Rays are below this number.
2007-08-09 07:35:41
1.   Josh Wilker
I agree about Steve Stone. I was glad to hear his voice when I turned on the White Sox game a couple days ago; within the first minute he correctly predicted that Jerry Owens was going to try to lay down a bunt. Stone and Harrelson in the same booth create quite the odd couple. I'm sure if I was not neutral to the White Sox I'd have a higher opinion of Hawk (I used to love above all other announcers the ridiculously biased voice of the Celtics, Johnny Most), and I totally respect that Hawk's not doing his schtick for the likes of me, but when he and Stone are together it sounds to my ears like Charlie Parker dueting with a bullfrog.
2007-08-09 09:48:39
2.   George Y
And in San Francisco Bonds is thinking, "Call me a douchebag, accuse me of taking steroids, fine. But when you compare me to Dennis Miller, them's fighting words."
2007-08-09 10:25:24
3.   jgpyke
Stoney is the best analyst ever. But forget all that: Stoney for Cubs GM/team president!
2007-08-09 12:17:13
4.   JasonO
A great moment:

A foul ball comes screaming into the booth at wrigley...Stone dives for cover.

A fortified Caray: "Don't worry, Stoney, I'll protect you."

2007-08-09 19:55:37
5.   Eric Stephen
Scott, in 2000, the best winning % in the majors was .599 (Giants), and the worst was .401 (Cubs, Phillies). I believe that is the only year that every team was between the .400 - .600 range.
2007-08-10 08:25:36
6.   Scott Long
Thanks Eric. I think we are looking at another year like that. I really doubt that Red Sox we win more than 95 or 96 games, which puts them at around .590.
It will be difficult for the D-Rays to get over .400, though.
2007-08-10 12:05:44
7.   Cliff Corcoran
The top winning percentage in baseball last year was .599 (both NY teams). In 2005 just one team was below .400. Those things aren't terrible rare at all.
2007-08-10 13:20:01
8.   stevegoz
Somewhere, the White Sox absolutely need to make room for Steve Stone on their broadcasts. Dislodging Hawk would be all but impossible and, I think, piss the fan base off (as always, I could be wrong), but a Hawk-Stoney combo wouldn't work, as we're learning this week. (Of course, Hawk could always retire -- Stone and Darren Jackson together? Stone and someone new on the TV side?)

A Steve Stone-Chris Singleton pairing on the radio side would be ever so good. Singleton gets better all the time (plenty of room for growth left), and Ed Farmer's cranky old bastard act has ground my eardrums down.

2007-08-11 20:14:30
9.   das411
Once Evan Longoria comes up and goes all Ryan Braun on the AL East, the Rays will no longer be stuck below .400. Heck, now that they have a real bullpen they just might be capable of winning 4 of every 10 games now!

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