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Catch Scott in Detroit and St. Louis
2007-02-08 21:36
by Scott Long

Over the next 2 weeks, I'm doing my World Series city comedy tour. Currently, I'm in the Detroit area and will be finishing up my weekend at Chaplin's Comedy Club located in Clinton Township.

Next week, I will be in the St. Louis area performing at the Comedy Forum in St. Peters, MO. If you are in the area, drop me an email as I should be able to get some comp tickets.

Another Midwest city show coming up will have me in the Twin Cities on March 10th doing my thing at the Minnesota Comedy Club. (Maplewood)

I've been doing a lot of corporate comedy events lately, so if your company is looking for someone to prepare a special show for some event going on, I can be reached at Click here for my corporate website

(SARCASM ALERT) I'm currently negotiating with Dave Matthews to open for him on his summer tour. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as my talents as the ultimate Jam Band stand-up comic could finally be discovered!

2007-02-09 00:14:57
1.   Voxter
I wonder if anybody has ever bought tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert just to see the opening act.
2007-02-09 15:06:30
2.   TFD
Ahh Maplewood, ol' stomping grounds. Have fun...

BTW, dude you are sooo wrong on TVonRadio..I'm starting to think that you really don't like music unless it's written with a lot of hooks. (Post-OK Computer, anyone?) Are you sure that car radio is not on 'ZPL far too much? Or could it just be your anti-Brooklyn bias?

chris in illinois - - I expect a full report of the St.Peters, MO show!

2007-02-09 20:08:36
3.   chris in illinois
1 "I wonder if anybody has ever bought tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert just to see the opening act."---interesting question. I've seen a few shows where the opening act was better----sometimes MUCH better---than the 'headliner'.

Summer 1986, Blue Oyster Cult 'opens' for Cheap Trick at the Illinois State Fair. Cheap Trick was awful (and I like Cheap Trick), BOC kicked all our asses.

Fall of '89 (maybe '90, those days are f u z z y) Love and Rockets made fools of the Pixies, leading to my lifetime puzzlement over the Pixies critical buzz---didn't they ever hear Frank Black sing outside of a studio??? Maybe I caught them in a bad month.

TFD, glad to see that you are still around...unfortunately, I have unbreakable plans next Saturday and I just don't have the time off/babysitters to get away on Friday. Perhaps if I had a little more notice...

I am going to New Orleans in mid-March without the kids and that required something like seven months of planning and cajoling to pull off. Can't wait to get to NO to slurp down some oysters and to be able to start drinking at 10 AM guilt-free.

A small aside, Springfield Illinois is fairly buzzing with energy that I have never seen before, not only is his holiness Barack Obama announcing his candadicy tomorrow on the steps of the Old State Capitol, rumors abound that Mr. George Clooney is in town as well (hopefully he eats breakfact at the 'good' Denny's). Not since Fred Schnieder bought some old wax at Recycled Records has the Capitol City been so atwitter.

2007-02-10 06:03:45
4.   TFD
chris in illinois,

Good for Springfield. As you know, frankly it needs the buzz. Barack is one special leader, whether he can get elected or not I'm frankly pretty skeptical. This is an electorate that elected a intellectual dunce; not once but twice, mind you. (Thanks to Nader.) And say hi to George. It seems to me, right here in this-here-predecessor-space, a lot of us debated "Three Kings" and the genius of David O' Russell & GC...How more prescient could that movie have been?

I'm going to be in NO myself in June..looking forward to seeing how it looks. Unfortunately I won't make it to the 9th ward and such places, which we all know are still 3rd world countries. I'm afraid the NO culture will never really be the same.

Someday historians will look back on these eight years and marvel at our country, and wonder in the face of such prosperity, how we let a dictatorial fool drive the country (and others regions of the world) into such peril. It really is counfounding if you stop and think about it.

Be well, my man.

Still waiting for that report on 'Gilead'...:-)



2007-02-10 08:29:10
5.   Scott Long
Since the club is in a far Western St. Louis suburb, it would have been a real far hike from Springfield, anyway.

I will not pretend that a hook is not important to my ears. Hey, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Buzzcocks had them, so even the earliest and best punk bands knew it was part of great music. Noisemasters like Sonic Youth put hooks in their mid-90's work like Dirty and I will choose it over Daydream Nation everytime.
The ZPL comment was pretty harsh, though.

I suspect TV on the Radio will fadeaway over the next 5 years like most other flavor of the month's who lack hookiness. Hey, at least other past NYC bands that were going to "change music's landscape" like The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's had some good singles. In 10 years, nothing from Cookie Mountain will be played on the 2000's alternative nostalgia satellite music channel.

2007-02-10 09:14:04
6.   chris in illinois
4 Always remember that most voters got it right in 2000. Gore got more votes. I certainly do not want to rehash that election, but the fact remains, most people didn't want Bush as their leader---that's always been of comfort to me. Now as far as 2004 is concerned, I blame the Democrats for selecting such a lousy candidate. Sometimes we as a nation need to 'go off the rails' to realize that a course correction is needed. Many of our greatest leaders were products of the times that immediately preceeded them----a crisis in leadership can sometimes shock the electorate into making a good decision.

Regarding Obama's electability: who can the GOP run that won't continue to splinter their damaged party?? The few sensible Republicans who realize that the continuing domestic 'War on the Weak' (you know elderly, gay, schoolchildren, the poor) will not help them carry anything in 2008 are outnumbered and outgunned by the crazies running the party. President Romney?? I think not.

Barack is a hell of a public speaker (his speech today in Springfield was most impressive) and compared to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., he comes across as THE GREATEST PUBLIC ORATOR IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I have to think that even the most die-hard mouth-breather is sick of hearing the world's oldest frat boy talk. I have to think this is why so many pols are entering the fray, as they realize that compared to W they might just look like one of the greatest presidents ever.

Re: Gilead, great, another thing on my list to do. Embarrassing as it is considering my occupation, I'm really not reading all that much these days outside of Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine. One day soon that will change.

Obama in '08,

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