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State of the Blog 2007
2007-01-27 21:35
by Scott Long

The year of 2006 was one marked with lots of change here, as blog founder, Will Carroll, moved on to the world of corporate control. (Most bloggers wouldn't admit it, but we would love to follow in his footsteps. Will has been a pioneer in going from the internet to actually making money in the mainstream.) Considering that Will was the nameplate that drew most of the traffic here, I thank those of you who have continued to check in at the juiceblog.

Now that this site is under my diabolical control, expect for the juiceblog to be even more irreverent in its tone, constantly trying to give a contrarian view to a world that strives for political correctness. I've said in my stand-up comedy act that if I didn't offend you at least once during my show, I will try to do so as you walk out the door. The same thought goes into this blog, as I really appreciate the readers here, but I think much of the best dialogue comes out of conflict. So please speak your mind in the comments.

In regards to baseball, it is the main focus of the parent company Since most of the sites at the Toaster focus on specific teams, there is a lot of great stuff that comes out daily that is not covered by the mainstream media. The juiceblog has always looked at the sport from a broader perspective, which in some ways make it harder to come up with fresh viewpoints on the game. Considering that sites like Baseball Prospectus do such a great job of covering baseball, I often am left with the feeling of "what can I offer up that hasn't been analyzed in 10 different ways, already?"

Here is where you come in. I'm looking to incorporate some of the readers at Baseball Toaster to contribute to the juiceblog. What I'm looking for are baseball pieces that have some of the irreverent and thought-provoking style that the best stuff at the Toaster presents. Send me your idea submissions to and I will contact you back on if I think it fits what I'm looking for. A few things to keep in mind are...
I would really prefer not to cover the teams that are already found at the Toaster.
The piece not be completely focused on numbers.
Be something that hasn't been discussed before.

As others who have submitted stories to me before know, I'm not going to edit much, so don't worry about that. The one thing to keep in mind is that when you put your name on something, the firing line is ready to aim, so the thin-skinned need to go somewhere else.

Looking forward to Spring Training!

2007-01-28 15:36:32
1.   scareduck
I'm still puzzled why Will Carroll's byline is on the mast, even though he left back in August.
2007-01-28 17:47:35
2.   TFD
Ok, I know it's a little late, and certainly in the wrong post, but here goes anyway for Scott and others who care (with the caveat that all must be 'mainstream releases'):

Best CDs of 2006..

Gnarls Barkeley - St. Elswhere
Mark Knopfler & EmmyLou Harris - All the Roadrunning
Bob Dylan - Modern Times
TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Elvis Costello & Alan Touissant - The River in Reverse
Sinead O'Connor - Throw Down Your Arms
Cat Power - The Greatest
Beck - The Information
Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Neil Young - Living With the War

I'd explain these choices, if I was a little more timely in my submission.

All the best to 'Juicers' everywhere.

No stinking baseball here..


2007-01-28 20:29:24
3.   Scott Long
Scareduck, you bring up a good point. It has been rectified. Considering Will caught enough flack from things I've written in the past, he doesn't need anymore of it now that he isn't even writing here.

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.