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NFL First Round Playoff Picks
2007-01-05 19:48
by Scott Long

Well, so far my college football bowl picks are a sparkling 10-6, with only 2-star Ohio State left on the schedule. For the season, my college selections are 45-31 overall, with a plus 29 on the star basis.

My NFL picks last week were only 2-3. I like 3 games this week, with only the spread of the Patriots/Jets game giving me concern, as it appears like Mangini has Belichek figured out.

4 star Seattle(-3) Dallas
3 star Indy(-7) Kansas City
3 star NY Giants(+7) Philly

The Seahawks have been a mess all year, but being in a weak division has helped them get to this point. The key to this game is weather, as it looks to be wet and windy. The Seahawks home field advantage is vital, as I suspect the Cowboys will struggle in the conditions.

While the Colts haven't shown the ability to stop anyone's running game, this is not the same KC running game that they've had over the past few seasons. The offensive line is not as good and Larry Johnson looks pretty worn down. If the Colts score the first TD, I think they will end up winning by double digits. If KC puts the first 6 on the board….the game is a toss-up.

The Giants are starting to get back more of their starters. I've always liked Jeff Garcia as a player, but I think Andy Reid will have a hard time staying patient with the running game that has been the major reason for the Eagles turnaround. Goes down to the wire.

2007-01-05 21:26:11
1.   Gagne55
The Giants are an awful team. Just a terrible injury destroyed team. I'm suprised you picked them. I also like New England in a rout.
2007-01-05 21:52:39
2.   Scott Long
I'm surprised I would pick them as well. I picked the Giants to be in the Super Bowl during the pre-season and I've been losing on them all year. Stubborn, I guess. Hey, at least I didn't choose the Panthers as pre-season NFC Champs, like the majority went with at the start of 2006.

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