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Reality Music Stars Part 2: Rock Star Supernova, plus Sexy Photos
2006-12-21 07:50
by Scott Long

The other 2006 reality music show, Rock Star Supernova, has released its debut release. As I mentioned from the outset, whoever they chose better be able to write hit songs, as none of the members of the supergroup had any bankable track record in songwriting. Producer Butch Walker seems to have left a heavy imprint on Supernova's music, as it follows the T.Rex glam sound that is a trademark of his solo albums or when he was with the band Marvelous 3. Walker has toned down some of contest winner Lukas Rossi's most over the top Billy Idol vocal tricks, which is a good thing. The problem the band has is that unlike Chris Daughtry's new release, it doesn't have anything that fits on current radio. They needed to produce a couple All-American reject type tracks, but choosing Rossi wasn't going to accomplish this.

While their music style seems to fit Tommy Lee well and Gilby Clarke should be happy to get a gig with anyone with a profile, it didn't seem like a good career move for bassist Jason Newsted. In a very Spinal Tap moment during October rehearsals, a 90 pound bass amp fell down towards Newsted and in his actions to protect himself, he ended up with a rotator cuff and bicep tear on his right side and a anterior labrum tear on his left shoulder. Talk about bad luck. From now on I'm referring to Newsted as the Mark Prior of the rock scene. We will have to check back with Will Carroll this spring to find out Newsted's outlook, but in the meantime he's been replaced by former Black Crowes member Johnny Colt. It has been said Colt is a temporary replacement, but considering how poor the album is selling, by the time Newsted recovers Tommy Lee will be back with the Crue and Clarke will be touring the mullet-sporting rock clubs with some Guns and Roses tribute band.

If the group is really interested in creating a buzz about themselves, they should release the video of the 90 pound bass amp fall, because it would be a huge hit on YouTube. The vision I have of it makes me laugh like something out of a Monty Python sketch. "How to Protect Yourself Versus Someone Who Attacks You with Fresh Fruit" should be their next song title. Sure it's a long title, but it's still shorter than the average Fall Down Boy track. If you want a download from Supernova, I would suggest "Leave the Light On", as it's such a fabulous Marc Bolan rip-off that it could have appeared on "Electric Warrrior".

Personally, I would download first the single by Juke Kartel. Juke Kartel is the band fronted by the most talented contestant from Rockstar, Toby Rand. Rand's band is opening up for Supernova and his incredibly catchy "Throw it Away" is in the vein of other Aussie rockers like the Hoodoo Gurus.
Oh and let me recommend to click on the (NSFW) pictures of the gorgeous Storm Large. Storm's sexy looks and talent puts most Suicide Girls to shame. I'm sure Jason Newsted wishes she would have been the thing that fell on him, instead.


NOTE: Our annual Top 10 music lists will be appearing here sometime during the next week. This will include a return of ESPN's Will Carroll. Make sure to check in to find out if Clay Aiken finally makes our best of the year countdown.

2006-12-21 07:59:07
1.   Sushirabbit
Luke Rossi, Johnny Colt, Storm Large... these guys make my Toaster handle a credible name.
2006-12-21 08:18:37
2.   Scott Long
Johnny Colt is a great rock name. Sounds like a young Johnny Thunders.
2006-12-21 12:46:22
3.   Voxter
Hey! I KNOW that woman! Well, I met her backstage after The Amazing Mysterious Actor show one time. She's even hotter in person. I didn't realize she was on "Supernova". Weird. And now I've seen her naked. Even weirder.
2006-12-21 13:10:59
4.   Schteeve
I think the songwriting would benefit from an editor, say for instance, Axl Rose's...

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