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Gloating, Plus Letterman Parody Clip
2006-12-19 09:52
by Scott Long

So let's go over how my big NFL picks weekend turned out.

Game of the year choice on Bucs almost won outright. Both 4 star picks won handily, with Tennessee winning outright. 3 star double digit underdog Redskins win outright. 3-star Colts destroy Bengals. 2-star Browns cover versus overrated Ravens. Only my 3-star choice on Chiefs was a loser. Going down the final tally that is a record of 6-1, with a plus 18 on the stars scale. There couldn't of been a handicapper in the country who had a better weekend. And it was presented free of charge to all my juiceblog clients!


I haven't discussed the sketches much at the NFL on Fox pregame this season, but it has been a good year. I have listed a link to all the sketches. I would try out last Sunday's (week 16 as Letterman) as I think it was one of the best. Just to give you a flavor of how diverse Frank's range is check out week 13 (Leno), week 9 (Pacino), week 4 (Madden), and week 1 (James Brown). These would be my top 5 favorites of 2006.

2006-12-19 10:53:40
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Frank's set on Letterman during impressionist week was tremendous, save for Rich Little, the difference between him and the other hacks was night and day.

Any insight as to his appearance playing Madden as the first guest on Letterman last night? I missed the set-up. Did Dave have the real thing booked and he cancelled, or was Dave so wowed by the Impressionist Week thing that he booked that appearance?

2006-12-19 16:21:45
2.   Scott Long
Frank has been on Letterman 4 times this year, with 3 of his appearances happening over the past 3 months. Twice, including last night, he just came in as Madden, sitting in with Dave. I don't know how much of that is scripted, but considering both of them are brilliant improv'ers, I would doubt it is too much.

Oh and by the way, Madden hates Frank.

2006-12-20 21:44:24
3.   Schteeve
Norm MacDonald's Letterman was better.

"Hey uh, ya got some gum?"

2006-12-20 22:59:10
4.   Scott Long
I would agree, though Frank does a better Norm McDonald than even Norm can do anymore.
2006-12-21 09:19:02
5.   Schteeve
Agreed, Norm lost his fastball years ago. But at his best he did the Letterman mock bewildered thing better than anyone.

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