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Football Picks Go 7-4
2006-11-02 23:24
by Scott Long

Was 4-2 in the colleges and 3-2 in the NFL, so got back on track. One of the reason's that the football kicks baseball in the national picture is how the sport is so well covered outside of the actual games. Inside the NFL on HBO is the best sports show of its kind, as the analysis by Collinsworth and the inside info by Peter King combine with the great coverage by NFL films in making highlights that are 4 days old still compelling.


(All of these games are 2 stars)
Florida St.(-12) Virginia
Georgia(-7) Kentucky
Nebraska(-4.5) Missouri
Iowa St.(+3) Kansas
Colorado(-3.5) Kansas St.

Really bad week for the colleges, as a lot of team's that I can't figure out at all, like Purdue and Michigan State face each other.
The Seminoles and Bulldogs would have been 2 to 3 times a bigger favorite at the beginning of the year, but they have been colossal disappointments in 2006. I will take the talent levels to get them the cover.
Another Big 12 3-pack. Home teams are good in this league. The Big 12 North is a lousy division, but it lends itself to good gambling opportunities.

Note- Black Earl, from my favorite radio show, ron and fez on XM, has picked one game each of the past 5 weeks. He still hasn't lost. This week he goes with Texas (-18) over Oklahoma State.

3 star Green Bay(+3.5) Buffalo
2 star Tennessee(+10) Jacksonville
2 star Kansas City(+3) St. Louis
2 star San Diego(12.5) Cleveland
2 star Minnesota/San Francisco (under 43)

Not much better on the pro side. I do like how the Packers are playing. Buffalo has no weather homefield advantage, either.
Vince Young is a winner. The Jaguars play often up to their competition.
The AFC is a better league and the Chiefs are still in the wild card chase.
The Chargers are the most talented team in football. The Browns don't have enough firepower to truly exploit Merriman's absence.
Another uder opportunity using the Vikings. Now the 49ers need to not the turn the ball over every possession, unlike last week against the Bears.

2006-11-04 00:16:48
1.   Dango727
Black Earl is the perfect producer for a perfect radio show. Long live Mr. Perfect!
2006-11-04 23:32:37
2.   AHSports
Another prefect pick from Mr. Perfect!!!
2006-11-04 23:33:44
3.   AHSports
perfect pick... dammit I stink (car crash)

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