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Release Point
2006-01-19 18:36
by Will Carroll

Jeff Sullivan has an interesting article over at Baseball Analysts regarding release points. It's good work and worth checking out.

My initial reaction was harsh because so much of what he's trying to do has been done. The problem with that reaction is that the work that's been done hasn't been widely noted. Scholarly journals aren't mainstream and it's not Jeff's fault that he doesn't know about what was done in the AJSM or about internal team technologies like Dartfish.

That tells me that baseball is doing a poor job of "showing its work." Since I'm the de facto chronicler of sports medicine these days, that means I'm not doing enough to explain it. Hopefully, Jeff and I -- and others -- can get more of this type of work done. It's work worth doing.

(Or am I wrong again, Basil Anonymous Editor who is apparently not Basil?)

2006-01-19 22:59:22
1.   Basil
"(Or am I wrong again, Basil?)"

I'm a Basil, and there aren't many Basils, so I'll reply on behalf of Basils everywhere.

And I'll ask where I said you were wrong in the first place.

I've never posted a comment here---under my name or any other---and an unremarkable review of your book that I posted eight months ago wouldn't seem remarkable enough to note now. I recently did an entry at my own blog about what I thought was a silly idea by the other guy who works on your blog (about Tony Kornheiser, of all people, announcing baseball on the radio, of all things), but I don't see how that relates to your work on pitchers or whatnot.

Now, I've seen negative comments in some of your posts regarding pitching every now and then, but like I said, I've never commented here under my name or any other. At any rate, I don't claim to know anything about sports medicine . . .

2006-01-19 23:10:50
2.   Basil
And, upon rereading your last post (and the comments that followed) . . .

I'm not "Your Editor," who stated, "Making mistakes is one thing. Always being wrong is a different thing entirely."

That wasn't me.

2006-01-20 05:49:16
3.   RyanM
So I guess what Basil is trying to say is "Yes, you are wrong again."
2006-01-20 06:10:35
4.   TFD
Whoa, well the truth comes out. Nice to know I was taken down by such a paragon of intellectual thought.

Jeez, and for Will this must be hard to take. Having Bud Selig hating on you is one thing, but a blogger from Kos' regime (and a Nats one at that, how appropriate) that's scary!


2006-01-20 07:46:22
7.   Basil
4: Again, "Your Editor" is not me. Did you even read 1 and 2?
2006-01-20 13:41:42
8.   Blah Blah Blah
This string of comments has a David Lynch air about it.
2006-01-21 12:35:52
9.   RyanM
Your Editor is "apparently" not Basil in the same way that the Expos "apparently" didn't become the Grays. Can't someone do some actual reporting or at least fact-checking?
2006-01-22 17:57:42
10.   Marc Normandin
What the hell is going on? I leave for a few days to work...
2006-01-23 05:54:02
11.   TFD

I'll answer that for you. Jealous, idiotic commenters have taken over the site with their version of the unenlightened 'truth'.

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