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Dear Dr. Marshall ...
2006-01-16 19:15
by Will Carroll

To: Mike Marshall, Ph. D
From: Will Carroll

I saw your response to my response to your comments in the Chicago Daily Southtown. You're right, I haven't played in the Major Leagues and I certainly don't have a Cy Young on my shelf. Then again, I have two books in stores and you have one on your website that hasn't found a publisher. It's hardly a match, but if your logic that you had to play to coach, doesn't not being a major league pitching coach at any professional level make Tom House a better prospect than you?

Anyway, we could go on like this forever, so I'll cut to it. Dr. Marshall, you do interesting work with no results and in the end, that's what baseball is about -- winning. A win in this market is getting a pitcher to the major leagues, healthy and effective enough to rack up some wins.

You haven't done it. Neither have I.

But I'll beat you there. I'll have a major leaguer before you will.

With respect,
Will Carroll

2006-01-17 05:34:59
1.   TFD
Guaranteed to continue through the end-of-time:

The sun will rise in the east, politicians will be ethically challenged, and performers at all levels will continue to use the "you haven't played/performed, so how can you be a critic" card.

Makes me wonder if we really have evolved all that much.


2006-01-17 12:53:02
3.   Will Carroll
Glad to see My Editor doesn't make mistakes.
2006-01-17 13:08:27
5.   sparky

This is an interesting blog. You generally have interesting things to say. Unless I'm missing something, you're now using this blog for the primary purposes of promoting your other blogs and engaging in pissing contests with Mike Marshall (you can't just send him an email?). I'm confused.

2006-01-17 14:20:54
6.   Todd S
Will, I appreciated this post. A lot of us are rooting for you. Looking forward to seeing the THRs start up again.
2006-01-18 00:05:41
7.   thewebb
I'd like to see the post this is in response to, ofcourse I'm too lazy to search for it! Will, you HAVE to have played at the highest level in any sport to be successful. Just ask Bill Bellichick.

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