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2006-01-10 22:11
by Will Carroll

I'm trying not to get too excited about the return of "The Shield." It's on Tivo (the new one, with the DVD burner, upgraded by Weaknees) and ready to watch. Next week is "24." How am I going to get anything done?

All I need now is "Bands Reunited," which may be the greatest concept ever. I know Jamey Newberg has been agitating for Jellyfish, but I'd really like to know what the hell ever happened to MC Serch and Prime Minister Pete Nice -- you might know them as 3rd Bass. I mean - two very, very good albums and then poof, nothing. I think Serch had a solo album.

It also reminds me - last two times I've been in the car, LL Cool J has been on the XM. Why is it that most rap has the shelf life of a Mariners pitching prospect, but LL's stuff -- internal references and all -- seems to hold up? I think it might be the familiarity.

Anyway - open thread question - what band do you want to see reunited?

Three big posts upcoming:
1) The Will and Scott sitting at a kitchen table talking about music "podcast"
2) Will's semi-big blogging announcement
3) Laminated List 2006

2006-01-10 22:47:39
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Serch went behind the scenes, he's managing or running a label or something along those lines. Pete Nice actually published a book in 2004 called "Baseball Legends of Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery," the title is self-explanatory. A quick Google serch (dah!) would likely turn up any of a number of feature stories on Pete that came out in connection with that book.

LL's just plain good, though I find hip hop from the '86-'92 period holds up very well in general.

As for bands reunited, I find most bands break up because it was time, so reuniting them is about as fun as a high school reunion, and about as much like the original experience. That said, only because I've been on a goofy '80s metal kick recently and the recently-reunited Judas Priest's 2005 album is actually really good: Skid Row (with Sebastian Bach) or Queensryche (with Chris DeGarmo). Or maybe the Black Crowes' Mark Ford line-up.

No. Strike all that, Elvis Costello with the Attractions with Bruce Thomas.

2006-01-10 23:50:08
2.   Another Tom
MC Serch had a great solo album. I think the name of it was Return of the Product. It was better than anything 3rd Bass did. Well, that's my opinion since I think Serch carried Pete Nice. But Back to the Grill Again was a great cut.

"But ayo, I'm white, I guess my game is hockey..."

2006-01-11 07:07:08
3.   stevegoz
Pete Nice also dropped an album -- in conjunction with 3rd Bass associate Daddy Rich -- called Dust to Dust. One great cut, "Rat Bastard," and a whole lot of so-so and yay-yo. Serch came out a bit ahead in the post-3rd Bass records war, but neither could touch The Cactus Album.
2006-01-11 07:12:43
4.   thewebb
I can't believe there are more people in the world than just me that appreciated the 3rd Bass days! I bought the Pop Goes the Weasel single on CD at a pawn shop 2 or 3 years ago. I pull it out when I'm in 'that mood.' The music was good, the videos were a parody of themselves!

Most of the groups I want back together involve a guy that has passed away, so the dreams will never become a reality (Run DMC, NWA, etc).

Side note - I've been on a Beastie boys Licensed to Ill kick lately. That album is either one of the best of all time, or I just like it because it reminds me of being younger. Maybe a mixture of the two.

2006-01-11 07:31:39
5.   Smed
The thing is that bands I want to see reunited are still hemi-semi together (Mudhoney, Big Star, the Posies) or someone has died (The Cars, for one).

Who should be reunited:

Husker Du

The Replacements (though you can't dig up Bob Stinson)

Black Flag (Rollins / Kira / Ginn / Stephenson or Rollins / Ginn / Dukowski / Robo)

Smashing Pumpkins (put an APB out for D'Arcy!)

Velocity Girl

2006-01-11 07:51:41
6.   Blah Blah Blah
I wouldn't want to dig up Stinson, I like when my concerts last more than 10 minutes before the band stumbles off the stage. This actually happened.

TWo years later, a 2.5 hour show with Slim Dunlap was one of the greatest rock and roll moments of my life.

2006-01-11 11:54:17
7.   dianagramr
Chicago Transit Authority ...

No ... not "Chicago" (R) ... not the Peter Cetera sappy love song gruesome lyric band, but the early 70s incarnation that put out that great eponymous double album.

Bring THAT band back!

A Talking Heads reunion would be nice while we're at it.

2006-01-11 14:41:48
8.   Scott Long
Interesting topic. I'm with Jamey on Jellyfish being number 1 on my list.

Put me down on the list who really dug 3rd Bass. They suffered at the hands of the anti-Vanilla Ice and Snow backlash.

The Replacements show would probably be the best, as Westerberg is a bitter phuck who would probably slag on his imitators who've made more money them him. Going to school in Iowa City in the late 80's gave me a chance to catch all the great Twin Cities bands like the Mats, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, The Jayhawks, and Trip Shakespeare.
I can understand how music can bring you back to your youth, thewebb.

Oh and by the way, Ill Communication kicks ass and is the best Beasties album as far as I'm concerned. Is Sabotage the greatest music video of all-time? Now that sounds like another great post to argue.

2006-01-11 15:27:05
9.   Voxter
I had a friend in college who had a scar on his forehead that he claimed came from a projectile beer bottle that a drunken Bob Stinson flung into the audience at a Mats show. He was very proud of that scar.

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