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Vicarious Anatole
2005-12-03 13:51
by Will Carroll

One of the best things about my job is getting to do things that most of us wish we could. Talk to players? Attend the World Series sans a new mortgage? Write about baseball? Tell people "I'm at work" when sitting at the ballpark? Check.

But the part I really like is taking you guys along. So, here's my question for you -- I'll be in a room with nearly everyone in baseball front offices, including owners. What ONE question would you ask of who(m)?

2005-12-03 14:56:28
1.   NetShrine
To any G.M.:

Is there enough booze in Dallas for you to even consider signing Juan Gonzalez or Sammy Sosa?

2005-12-03 14:58:25
2.   NetShrine
To Andrew Friedman:

Is it true that there's no such thing as free lunch?

Whoops, wrong Friedman.

2005-12-03 15:01:11
3.   NetShrine
To Larry Lucchino:

Do you stand by your statement that "Any group of schlemiels can win once"?

2005-12-03 15:03:58
4.   NetShrine
To Scott Boras:

A sphincter says what?

2005-12-03 15:04:26
5.   NetShrine
OK, sorry Will, just having some fun here...
2005-12-03 15:28:27
6.   Scott Long
The general question I would like answered is do AL teams feel a greater sense of urgency this year? I ask this because of the weakening state of the Yankees and Red Sox. Considering that the White Sox won with a middle of the road payroll is there more pressure to win, as Top 20 payroll teams cannot just use poverty as a smokescreen?
2005-12-03 17:42:24
7.   deadteddy8
"Can any of you say, with good conscience, that demanding public money to build a sports palace is in the public's interest, especially in light of how the Giants took minimal benefits from their city and their ballpark has been nothing short of a rousing success? If so, I'd like to hear a coherent explanation why it is."


2005-12-03 17:42:42
8.   tem213
Jim Hendry: What were you smoking when Neifi Perez' agent got you to pay his client 2.5 mil a year for 2 years? And where I can I get some of it?

Actually, I think a better question for him is whether he understands the concept of value over replacement player.

2005-12-03 18:35:15
9.   joejoejoe
In 2005 how does MLB justify the antitrust exemption it receives from Congress? Isn't the exemption an anachronism that costs fans and cities that build stadiums money? What legal basis exists TODAY to set MLB outside of laws that apply to the NBA and NFL?

The Soviets had a planned economy that decided collectively what to produce and where. It was less efficient and served the people poorly. Why not try capitalism and let the teams locate where they think they can thrive instead of placing franchises in the atrocious Florida market with poor attendance at the expense of a third team in New York. The Orioles don't need compensation for the Nationals playing in DC. Did Cleveland get compensation when the Browns became the Ravens? In an age of NAFTA, CAFTA, and the WTO baseball exists in under an exemption passed in the age of Robber Barons. Isn't that flat wrong?

Baseball is a great game but it's not a special business.

2005-12-03 20:50:30
10.   Al Bogdan
What the hell is going on with these ridiculous contracts for relief pitchers?
2005-12-03 21:54:52
11.   billfer
I thought I remember hearing a couple years ago it was prohitibively expensive to insure a contract longer than 3 years. Has the insurance side changed, or do teams just not care anymore?
2005-12-03 22:35:36
12.   Voxter
To Mark Shapiro:

What with the White Sox' new signings, is sitting back and waiting for your team to mature going to be enough to win your dang division?

2005-12-04 08:21:00
13.   bigjonempire
To Cashman:

(I can't help but make one question several)

1. Do you really think Cano is that good?
2. Do you really think Crosby is a legit option as a starting outfielder?
3. Are you really able to operate without interference from Tampa now?
4. Can you give my friend Jon a call? His number is...
5. If you could re-sign Kevin Brown for peanuts would you do it?
6. have you tried to get gathright from the D'Rays?
7. How about Torii Hunter? Any reality in those early rumors?
8. Chacon is damn good isn't he?


2005-12-04 20:16:06
14.   Suffering Bruin
To Frank McCourt,

1. What will the Dodger payroll be in 2006? Can you give us a range?

2. Can you provide a specific reason for the firing of Paul DePodesta?

2005-12-04 20:40:58
15.   thewebb
To Stoneman and/or Moreno:

Is there any chance that Glaus or B. Molina will be back in an Angels uni to fill the right handed bat hole? Any chance of getting Burnett?

Lastly, to what extent do you use Sabermetrics in deciding on potential free agents/trades?

2005-12-04 21:14:30
16.   photogirl
To Billy Beane/David Forst:

Why is Huston Street so dreamy?

Sorry, someone had to girl it up in here.

Kerry ;-)

2005-12-05 13:42:25
17.   nickb
To Allard Baird: Any chance that you save the approximately $20 million available to you this year and spend it next year (or the year after) on free agents of value who are below the age of 35?
2005-12-05 17:36:59
18.   tigers1901
To Dave Dombrowski:

Any interest in anyone you have to dangle in trade for pitching help?Pena,Pudge,etc?

2005-12-05 18:17:03
19.   RandyKutcherHair
To Larry Lucchino:

Have you interviewed any internal candidates from the current Red Sox baseball operations staff for the vacant GM position? If the answer is no, then why not?

2005-12-05 18:28:43
20.   RandyKutcherHair
To Bud Selig:

Starting in 2006, MLB owners are free to eliminate two teams if they so choose--without needing the approval of the players' union. Do you expect the owners to take advantage of the three-month contraction "window," from April 1 to July 1 2006, in which time to notify the union that contraction is imminent for 2007? If so do you plan on releasing the names of those two teams even though the owners will not be required to do so?

2005-12-06 06:21:29
21.   RyanM
To any MLB exec:

Who's the bigger pain to deal with, Scott Boras or Will Carroll? I'll hang up and listen to your answer.

2005-12-06 07:51:07
22.   Blah Blah Blah
Primey for #21...oh wait, wrong website.
2005-12-06 07:59:36
23.   briankopec
To Dave Littlefield:


2005-12-06 08:07:53
24.   dianagramr
To Kim Ng:
How much gender bias do you think still exists in MLB administration?
2005-12-06 08:11:24
25.   TFD
To Bud:

What other major sports commissioner would sit by idly while one of his franchises dismantles its entire roster for the second time in ten years - - all after winning two world's championships?

Thought so.

2005-12-06 08:30:25
26.   Smed
To Jim Hendry:

You seriously cannot be thinking of Neifi Perez as the starting shortstop. Can you? Because you know Dusty doesn't like playing anyone under 30 if he can help it.

2005-12-06 18:09:12
27.   Blah Blah Blah
To Anybody wishing to interview Jim Bowden:

Is it indeed a priority of yours to bring in a guy who once held up the opportunity to acquire Ken his prime...over Pokey Reese?

2005-12-07 13:39:33
28.   Todd S
To Jim Hendry:

What were the Devil Rays asking for a Lugo/Gathright package? Was it so high that you felt Pierre was a better option? Or were you afraid that since Dusty has never heard of Lugo and Gathright that he wouldn't play them?

(Wait...scratch that last one.)

2005-12-08 02:47:23
29.   Blah Blah Blah
To Jim Bowden -

What's your take on park effects and how they impact, say, your left fielder?

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