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2005-10-29 20:25
by Will Carroll

Some have emailed and asked why I haven't been blogging lately. I'll be honest with you - I haven't had much to say. My opinion has always been just that, my opinion and my rule of silence when I can't add to the discussion has held. There was an external happening that shut me down for a while (don't ask, it wasn't bad), but even after that cleared up, I didn't have much to say. I could say plenty at BP or Football Outsiders and at speaking engagements and on my radio show and frankly, there wasn't much left to say here. This has always been the lagniappe for me, my way of directly communicating on topics of interest maybe only to me with likeminded people. It's not the primary outlet, like it is for Alex or Derek or Jon or Mike and honestly, that's always made me something of a second-class blogger.

Each year, new blogs pop up and some blogs vanish. It seems that good guys - Brian Gunn, John Bonnes - burn out but in great fashion leave behind a trail of great work and people like me who follow in their steps. Here's the great thing - you have the chance to be one of the greats. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but it's now a chance to be anything. Four years ago, when I started this, I was just hoping to have a voice that someone would want to read. Now, I'm one of the luckiest boys in the world with outlets seemingly all over the place.

So what happens here in the future? I have no idea. We all do our own things and I'm just happy to be a part of the team. My favorite thing has been getting to know the guys here, back at All-Baseball, and across the sport. Even better, many have become real friends and people that I want to sit down and talk to about anything. The future will take care of itself, I think. If I tried to plan any of this, it wouldn't have happened how it has.

I started this as an intro to a baseball piece, but I'll let it stand on its own for a bit and polish up the piece I'm calling "The Backlash". There's more to come from me this off-season. With no book project, I feel like I have more to say, here and elsewhere.

2005-10-30 09:41:36
1.   X X X
Will, can you give us ANY update in the latest story making the rounds about an AL Outfielder that has tested positive. You were quoted as saying it was big, a name we cared about, that you were involved in the appeals process, and that something would be released in the next two weeks.

We are dying to know....
I know you probably can't get into specifics, but most importantly is it really true?

2005-10-30 10:44:43
2.   Ken Arneson
Will clarifies what he meant here:

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