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Lukewarm Football Picks
2005-10-14 16:59
by Scott Long

Last week I touted my overall picks, well I stunk it up on Saturday, as my Big 12 knowledge must be questioned after Saturday. So off we go for this week, but first, let me address one football issue. The Minnesota Vikings like to have naked ladies gyrate for them, when they go out on a party boat. I say, hey, whatever brings team unity is what's most important. My problem is that these same players imported their artistic dancers from Atlanta. Are the strippers from Minnesota not good enough for ya. I mean for christ sakes, doncha know that the gals from the Twin Cities are pretty hot in their own right. What in the name of Vern Gunderson are you not using Minnesoda talent. Next time, call the local Deja Vu and say you betcha to Lina


(3-star) West Virginia (+7) Louisville
(3-star) Michigan (-3) Penn State
(3-star) USC (-12) Notre Dame
(2-star) Texas (-17) Colorado
(2-star) Miami Ohio (-13) Akron

No game is a 4 star this week, but going to Morgantown is the toughest place the Cardinals will visit in 2005. Last week was a great set-up for this, as the Nittany Lions had the biggest win they've had in years, while the Wolverines lost a game that has created a must win. Just think what the spread would have been at the start of the year between the Trojans and Fighting Irish? USC is just too talented, while Carroll is Wies' equal on the sidelines. OK, so I under-rated the Buffs a little too much, but these are the kind of games Mack Brown does well in. His team is at home against an opponent which doesn't have the players to match-up. I still think the Longhorns will lose a game before the end of the year, but not this week. Miami (Ohio) was one of my surprise teams before the season and they have not lived up to my touting. They are too good of a team not to be a bigger favorite, at least that's what I'm saying on Friday.


(3-star) New Orleans (+5.5) Atlanta
(3-star) Buffalo (-3) NY Jets
(3-star) Houston (+9.5) Seattle
(3-star) St. Louis (+13.5) Indy
(3-star) St. Louis/Indy (51 under)

Home sweet San Antonio. Look for the Saints to show up, unlike last week in Green Bay. In a game that should set quarterbacking 15 years, take the superior defense (Buffalo), who's playing at home. Houston has been much worse than their talent-level, while Seattle is not a 10 point favorite over hardly anyone in the NFL.
In the football touting world, the shysters always discuss how you need to double up on Monday night to make up for your lousy weekend. Well, here's my 3 star Monday Night Parlay Guaranteed Winner! Stu Feiner, Kevin Duffy, and Scott Long own your man on Monday Night!!! I like the Rams to finally run the ball some and keep the game closer. Combine this with the Indy defense being stronger and the under 51 is the best total I've seen this year.

2005-10-15 09:19:22
1.   misterjohnny
Uh, let's see, I can have strippers from Minneapolis or Atlanta. Hmmmm. I think I'll pick Atlanta every time. Women from Minnesota tend to have cankles. Of course, football players aren't known for their smarts. They should have gotten them from Vegas. That's the major leagues of strippers.

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