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Football Picks for this Weekend
2005-09-30 22:10
by Scott Long

The football picks started off dismally, but last week was the first week of redemption, going 4-1 in the colleges and 3-1 in the pros. Last week I stated that the pro games were all strong plays and while the games this week don't jump out me quite as much, there are still some good opportunities.

(4 star)Iowa (-18) vs Illinois
(3 star) Michigan (+5.5) vs Michigan St.
(3 star) Florida St. (-21) vs Syracuse
(2 star) South Carolina (+14.5) vs Auburn
(2 star) Arizona (+16) vs California

Pink colored visiting bathrooms have been the major story at Iowa this week, but what has went under the radar is how Coach Ferentz lost his cool with his team. First time I can recall this happening during his tenure and the Hawkeyes with their great home field advantage will be out for the kill, after 2 disappointing losses. Michigan is poorly coached, but to be getting this many points from the Spartans is too good to pass up. Speaking of poor coaches, I've never been a fan of Greg Robinson and I suspect he and Wannstadt will slow down the pro to college exodus that schools were interested on doing since Pete Carroll's success. We are seeing how aweome the backfield in Auburn was in 2004, with the great success of Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown. The Tigers win narrowly, as Spurrier starts to get the Gamecocks in gear. Much like Auburn, the Cal Bears are not the same team of 2004, but the line is still reflecting it. Go with Stoops' Wildcats to keep it close.

(3 star) San Diego (+5.5) vs New England
(3 star) Oakland (-3) vs Dallas
(3 star) Oakland/Dallas (over 46.5)
(3 star) KC (-1.5) vs Philadelphia
(3 star) Arizona (-2.5) vs San Fran

Add up the big win over the Steelers and the major injuries the Pats suffered and the Chargers have a chance to shock Foxboro. The Raiders have had a brutal schedule, but despite Norv Turner inferior sideline skills versus Parcells, the talent level on offense make the Silver and Black the play. Also, since neither team's defense has been very impressive, go with the over 46.5. The Chiefs are a great home team and while I don't like betting on teams off of a Monday night game, the Eagles are not as good as they've been the past couple of seasons. Look for Holmes and Johnson to run over a D-line that misses Corey Simon. The Cardinals have killed me this year, but I will give them another try, as this is a game they have to win. No homefield advantage, being in Mexico City, but then Arizona has no experience of a homefield benefit in Tempe.

This Sunday check out the Frank's Picks segment during the NFL Pregame Show on Fox. I hear good things about it.

2005-10-01 09:08:36
1.   Vishal
you're honestly picking (1-2) arizona over cal at home? granted, cal hasn't played a really elite team yet, but none of its victories have exactly been nailbiters. i think the UCLA game next week will be a real indicator of how they compare to the '04 team, but arizona?
2005-10-01 10:00:24
2.   Scott Long
I like Cal by about 10-14. Arizona has played a challenging schedule, while Cal is a step below 2004's skill positions.
2005-10-01 19:19:16
3.   Vishal
hey, looks like they covered the spread pretty easily, 28-0 :)

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