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Clinching: Showing My Work
2005-09-23 14:16
by Will Carroll

Several people emailed asking for this type of breakdown.

23-Sep Boston Arroyo Orioles Cabrera WIN
24-Sep Boston Clement Orioles Bedard LOSS
25-Sep Boston Wells Orioles Maine WIN
26-Sep Boston Wakefield Jays Bush LOSS
27-Sep Boston Schilling Jays Chacin LOSS
28-Sep Boston Arroyo Jays Lilly WIN
29-Sep Boston Clement Jays Downs WIN
30-Sep Boston Wells Yankees Wang LOSS
1-Oct Boston Wakefield Yankees Johnson LOSS
2-Oct Boston Schilling Yankees Mussina WIN
93 & 69 5 & 5
23-Sep New York Chacon Jays Lilly LOSS
24-Sep New York Wright Jays Downs WIN
25-Sep New York Wang Jays Towers WIN
26-Sep New York Johnson Orioles Lopez WIN
27-Sep New York Mussina Orioles Chen WIN
28-Sep New York Chacon Orioles Cabrera LOSS
29-Sep New York Wright Orioles Bedard LOSS
30-Sep New York Wang Red Sox Wells WIN
1-Oct New York Johnson Red Sox Wakefield WIN
2-Oct New York Mussina Red Sox Schilling LOSS
94 & 67 DIVISION 6 & 4
23-Sep ChiSox Contreras Twins Lohse WIN
24-Sep ChiSox Garcia Twins Mays WIN
25-Sep ChiSox Buehrle Twins Liriano LOSS
26-Sep ChiSox McCarthy Tigers Johnson WIN
27-Sep ChiSox Garland Tigers TBA WIN
28-Sep ChiSox Contreras Tigers Douglas LOSS
29-Sep ChiSox Garcia Tigers Grilli WIN
30-Sep ChiSox Buehrle Indians Millwood WIN
1-Oct ChiSox McCarthy Indians WestbrookLOSS
2-Oct ChiSox Garland Indians Elarton LOSS
97 & 64 DIVISION 6 & 4
23-Sep Cleveland Sabathia Royals Lima WIN
24-Sep Cleveland Millwood Royals Wood WIN
25-Sep Cleveland WestbrookRoyals Greinke WIN
26-Sep Cleveland OFF OFF OFF OFF
27-Sep Cleveland Elarton Rays McClung LOSS
28-Sep Cleveland Lee Rays Kazmir WIN
29-Sep Cleveland Sabathia Rays Waechter WIN
30-Sep Cleveland Millwood White Sox Buehrle LOSS
1-Oct Cleveland WestbrookWhite Sox McCarthy WIN
2-Oct Cleveland Elarton White Sox Garland WIN
96 & 65 WILD CARD 7 & 2

2005-09-23 15:48:11
1.   The Cheat
Garland & McCarthy should be flipped.

McCarthy pitched yesterday, Garland two days ago.

2005-09-23 23:40:45
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Ditto Schilling & Wakefield.

I also find it damn hard to believe that both the Yanks and Bosox are going to split their series with, respectively, the O's and Jays next week. I mean, as long as the Yanks keep their game lead, I'm cool with it, but I find it highly unlikely.

2005-09-24 12:01:01
3.   coreyk626
You have counted wrong. If the Indians and White Sox each win all the games you predict them to, they will each be 97-65 and a one-game playoff will take place at Jacobs Field.
2005-09-25 09:52:01
corey, that's not true. In this scenario, the Indians and White Sox would be tied for both the divisional and Wild Card lead. In this case, head-to-head matchups, not a one-game playoff, determine who will be the Wild Card and who the division winner. The White Sox, having won 10 of their first 13 against the Indians, had already clinched the better head-to-head record against the Indians in July.
2005-09-26 11:26:03
5.   Todd S
Will, you're looking smarter than the Davenport simulation right now. Way to go!
2005-09-27 18:42:25
6.   coreyk626
Fair enough, but Will still counted up the wins and losses incorrectly.
2005-09-28 08:25:21
7.   Shaun P
Congrats, Juice bloggers, you made it into today's Boston Globe! Their "Sidekick" pullout section (with the TV listings, comics, stuff to do, etc) cites baseball blogs once a week and Will's initial prediction post was there today (edited somewhat). I don't think there's a weblink, unfortunately, but its a big enough paper that I'm sure many local libraries get a paper copy.

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