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2005 College Football Preview
2005-09-02 23:53
by Scott Long

Here are my Pre-season Top 25 rankings. It's based on a mix of factors, but schedule plays a bigger part in college football success than in any other sport. Outside of the Pac-10, parity rules, as most major conferences in 2005 will not have outright winners. Only 2 teams do I have finishing the regular season undefeated. The Big 10 is the best it's ever been, with the SEC and Big 12 having 4 teams with very little difference between them.

1. USC- Could not find a loss for the Trojans. Maybe Rose Bowl will provide a test.
2. Virginia Tech- First game of the year (NC. St.) is Hokies biggest challenge.
3. Ohio State- Only team as talented as USC. Zwick is better suited for their offense.
4. Iowa- Tough schedule, but running game is improved and Tate is Flutie 2005.
5. Michigan- Best schedule of the Big 10's Big 3, but UM coaching is a notch-lower.
6. Georgia- SEC is about as bunched as Big 10, but the Dawgs wind up on top.
7. LSU- 3rd best talent in NCAA, but a new coach and Hurricane tragedy leave a ?
8. Miami- Hokie game will determine if they play in the Rose Bowl.
9. Louisville- Undefeated record, but teams above have 10-1 records and are better.
10. Texas- Horns beat OU, but lose to A&M and Ohio State. Winners of Big 12 South.
11. Oklahoma- I have top 4 in Big 12 all with 9-2 records.
12. Tennessee- Tough schedule and QB controversy drop the Vols down.
13. Florida St.- Loss of assistant coaches (Richt, Amato) have caused drop over time.
14. Purdue- Great schedule, but Boilers are a notch below the Big 10 top 3.
15. Texas Tech- Like Purdue, favorable schedule and Top 10 darkhorse.
16. Texas A&M- Reggie McNeal is more valuable than any player to his team.
17. NC St.- Better schedule, while turnover margin improves equals major turnaround.
18. Florida- Chris Leak is a major talent, but not sure he fits in new Urban system.
19. Auburn- Losing a backfield full of NFL first-rounders drops the Tigers down.
20. Penn St.- Very favorable schedule and top talent overcome outdated schemes.
21. Alabama- Another talented squad, with only coaching holding them back.
22. California- Weak conference and Tedford's leadership has Bears right here.
23. Oregon- Could be SC's closest game, as rainy day in Eugene might keep it close.
24. Miami (Ohio)- Top 4 teams in MAC are better than Top 4 in the new Big East.
25. UTEP- Mike Price has a team, which just might go undefeated. Scott's sleeper.

2005-09-05 18:01:00
1.   TFD
Scott: I'll go on record to say:

Put down the crack-pipe - Penn State #20? That won't happen.

Oregon - #23? equal Cal? (You posted this prior to the injury.)

No Fresno State? Alabama? Florida only #18?

There's no way an undefeated Louisville team ends up #9...

Miami will have more than one defeat.

Finally no BC? (Granted this is after their win the other night.)

Ok, one Bowling Green?

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