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Visual Humbugardy
2005-08-08 20:29
by Will Carroll

It's not nearly as cool, but let's call it my homage/rip-off. A video daily double.

Identify this game.

You must have the day and game situation correct. (For instance, "What is June 3, 1990, fourth inning, 2 outs" would be the proper form.)

And on the racist talk show host? I have little time for stupidity, publicity stunts, or things that are clearly this wrong. Apology or not, the guy crossed the line. I'll side with Alou on this one.

2005-08-08 21:30:43
1.   Jen
What is July 22, 2004, first inning, no outs, runners at 1st and 3rd, Vernon Wells at the plate?
2005-08-08 23:15:00
2.   Vishal
you know, i think you're right. at first i thought they were playing the twins, but upon further consideration, i think you've nailed it.

that's definitely orlando hernandez on the mound.

2005-08-09 01:02:46
3.   Will Carroll
Wow. Almost exactly an hour. I'm impressed!
2005-08-09 06:01:52
4.   Tom
Can someone point out the visual clues in this one?
2005-08-09 07:11:00
5.   Jen
Well, I knew the other team was Toronto because they only fly the Canadian flag at the Stadium when they play the Blue Jays. And I was pretty sure it was 2004 because 1) I seem to remember Toronto breaking out those new black away shirts last year; 2) I also seem to remember that orange ad on the right field wall was new last year; 3) El Duque is fairly recognizable (his black socks give him away). He didn't pitch in 2003 so it had to be 2004.

If you want me to get more detailed about how I found out the date let me know.

2005-08-09 09:33:39
6.   Cliff Corcoran
The scoreboard also helps. You can see it's the top of an inning by the fact that the Yankees are in the field, but there are no zero's on the inning-by-inning board, thus it's the top of the first (also, it's 1:16 on the stadium clock, so it would have to be the first inning). Also, the at-bat board has 0 outs and also has #10 at-bat, which is Wells, who is indeed the Jays third-place hitter (no outs, runners on first and second). It all adds up.

The photo isn't high enough resolution for you to be able to read Blue Jays on the inning-by-inning board, and see Wells' photo and stats on the diamondvision, but you can pick some extra clues in both spots by length of the blury away team's name, and by the blury head shot of the player who is 6'2" 200-odd pounds and in his 20s and wearing what looks like a blurry Jays cap.

2005-08-09 11:04:27
7.   Murray
Another clue: the Yomiuri Shimbun ad on the RF wall was in Japanese was last year, but is in English this year. It was not there at all before last year.
2005-08-09 13:55:16
8.   Tom
Well played.

Incidentally, I've driven past the Utz Potato Chip Factory, which makes it my favorite Yankee Stadium Ad. That's been there a while, though.

2005-08-09 14:03:07
9.   Sam DC
Great game -- any particular reason why this picture/moment?

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