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2005-08-06 21:46
by Will Carroll

I'd like to clarify something. A couple articles were written this week that referenced me as a "licensed sports trainer." This is not correct, in either sense. I am not a Certified Athletic Trainer. My father is. We have the same name and were co-authors on "The Juice" so I understand why some might get confused. I just want everyone to be clear that I am not passing myself off as anything I am not.

2005-08-07 18:59:12
1.   Jeremy Reed
But, you're still a doctor, right?


You would think the media would actually be paying more attention to details particularly in this area where an accusation can mean a lawsuit.

Has anyone been following the Giants/KNBR situation? I'd like to hear Will's take on that.

2005-08-07 19:32:17
2.   deadteddy8
JR: As a Giants fan and longtime listener of KNBR, I can say that Krueger's schtick is that he likes to think of himself as pulling no punches. General consensus among folks I've talked to about it is that he was wrong to single out the Latino players, but would have been absolutely correct had he simply applied the criticism to the whole team. My initial reaction was I thought it was the wrong way to say it, but that I understood why he would say it, because of the context of "You can't walk off the island", and in the context of longstanding rumors that Felipe Alou unfairly favors Latino players, giving WAY too many chances to guys like Alex Sanchez at the expense of, say, Todd Linden. In the end, I think the punishment was fair and that while Alou has the right to not speak to Krueger, I also think it's a bit over-the-top to claim that he'd insulted hundreds of millions of people.
2005-08-08 17:45:59
3.   Jeremy Reed
Agreed on the context, that is clear that's what Krueger was inferring. But, it also sounds like this is a power issue.

The cream of wheat is more insulting because it had nothing to do with the box; old people like cream of wheat. The AP just ran with that.

But, isn't it odd how suddenly a lot of people were interested in the Giants as the A's were running away with the BayArea popularity?

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