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A Baseball Bloggers Breakdown of the Trade Deadline
2005-07-31 20:14
by Scott Long

I suggest you read Will's piece below, as he brings up an excellent point about how reporting on the trade deadline is about having contacts and talking to as many people in the know to find out what is happening. I've been reading Will's Mill at BP the past week and the whole subject of who might go where is tantalizing for my brain. Many bloggers rip actual reporters, but they are the people that bring us the news that we comment on. Considering that Will started on the internet, but puts on his reporter's cap more than most newspaper writers, he is the guy who seems to be the bridge between the two.

Having said this, let me mention that Will, Gammons, Rosenthal, etc. overall efforts on the trade subject were about as fulfilling as my first girlfriend. A lot of hard work for very little payout. I guess we shouldn't have expected too much, considering the one team who had the most players wanted by the teams in contention, the Devil Rays, has an aversion to making deals.

GM Chuck LaMar reminds me of my childhood friend, Brian Andersen. I used to invite Brian over with a couple of other friends to trade baseball cards and I'm not sure I ever actually completed a trade with the guy. Brian overrated all his players. I would offer up a Jim Palmer for a Tom Seaver, to which Brian countered with, "if you would throw-in Catfish Hunter, it's a deal." You think this is an exaggerated comparison, well look at this from Will's Mill "(T)he Twins also reportedly inquired about Aubrey Huff, but stopped when the Rays asked for Justin Morneau." Hey LaMar, guess what, eventually Brian Andersen stopped being invited to our trading sessions, as it wasn't worth the aggravation. I know Devil Rays' fans have taken you off their RSVP list. (I'm making an assumption, since I'm not sure there are actual Devil Rays' fans.)

2005-08-01 08:19:18
1.   TFD
Scott: So are you saying you wouldn't have traded Aubrey Huff for Justin Morneau? ;-)

Seriously though ever since SweetCheeks and Gardy challenged his manhood by not getting back into the lineup quicker, the guy has been about as worthless as any of the DRays.

(Twins season seen fading into the sunset)

God it's painful to watch the GFWS win.

2005-08-01 12:38:58
2.   TFD
Just when the 'Roid story was dying down...


2005-08-01 12:40:45
3.   Will Carroll
Wait, wait ... Morneau's injury was at the start of the season, so you could argue his entire season has been affected by this. If so, his current OPS of nearly 800 and 12.5 VORP is in the 25% PECOTA range and he should be expected to get better. The Devil Rays have put up pretty good offensive numbers and Morneau would be better than only Alex Gonzalez to this point.

I still wouldn't deal him for Huff.

2005-08-01 12:49:57
4.   TFD
Firstly, I wouldn't have made the trade either.

His suckiness ensued after his teammates and Manager called him out for basically being a wus (or was it pus?) I'm not saying there's causation. I was just making the point that since about mid-May - - for whatever reasons - - he has sucked major gas.

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