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"Talk About Baseball!"
2005-07-27 23:28
by Will Carroll

My email box often has something drop in like this:

"I used to read your blog, but then you went off on (music/tv/film/girls/etc) and I don't care. Get back to talking baseball!"

Umm. No.

(One line paragraphs. Starting to look like Plaschke.)

Here's why no: If you want baseball, there's several other sites here on the Toaster that do great baseball-specific content. If you want baseball from ME, may I suggest checking out Baseball Prospectus? I'm doing constantly updated trade rumors in "Will's Mill", have the only daily injury column on the web with "Under The Knife", do the top-rated weekly radio/podcast "Baseball Prospectus Radio", and I fill in from time to time on "Prospectus Notebook".

I might talk about baseball here. Scott might. Heck, even our new intern has the chops to do so from time to time. But don't expect it. Expect the unexpected. This blog is about a bunch of people that love baseball, but also have other interests. All of us - writers, readers, colleagues - hold a lot of things in common. Baseball is clearly the central connection, the true passion that drives us all, but any passion can turn into an unhealthy obsession. (And by unhealthy, I'm not talking about the RAGING carpal tunnel I'm dealing with now.)

You might like this place. You might dig us talking about music or girls or ranting about internet connectivity. You might pick out your next gadget, you might learn about the White Sox, or you might just waste a couple minutes. That's what you get here. Plus the occasional baseball.

Your mileage may vary.

2005-07-28 00:29:04
1.   Joe
For what it's worth, I've really enjoyed all your non-baseball talk post-November 2nd!
2005-07-28 08:50:49
2.   dianagramr
Its nice to get to know a little bit more about you. Keep it coming!

- into competitive Scrabble, on-line poker and comedy writing

2005-07-28 09:41:09
3.   nickb
This is the first page I come to at Baseball Toaster for the very fact that I don't know exactly what I'm going to get. I love all the baseball material that's posted, but sometimes it can get excruciatingly in-depth. I love the fact that you guys switch it up occasionally, even when I don't agree on your opinions. Nice work, fellas!
2005-07-28 10:17:00
4.   Marc Normandin
I come here to see stuff other than baseball for the most part. I'm everywhere else on the internet for baseball, and this works as a change of pace, and works well. Now if I just had the money for an iPod...
2005-07-28 10:19:25
5.   DJPF
I agree that there are many baseball only blogs out there, BP is a great place to take care of that fix. I'm glad to know there are other folks empowered by their iPods and impaired by sleep deprivation at the hands of JK Rowling.

Blog about what ever you like. If anyone wants to hear a positive word about the Toyota Prius, I'm happy to offer a thumbs up.

2005-07-28 16:05:12
6.   Gary G
Add me to the club of satisfied customers. Keep up the great work.
2005-07-29 16:13:12
7.   photogirl
Well, I'm a little disappointed about the lack of porn discussions on here.

Ha, many of you just had coffee come out your noses?

Seriously though. I visit the toaster several times a day, don't change a thing guys. Love it!


Kerry Haas

2005-07-29 18:18:25
8.   TFD
Just back from vacation.....

this post/thread is hilarious!

How long has Will been blogging folks? And how long have people been saying, "please write about just baseball...!"?

yikes - - next subject.

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