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Link to Scott's NSFW Sports Site
2005-07-27 21:39
by Scott Long

You could say we have been a little slow putting up links, but as you can see, I've finally done it, after never getting around to it here or at Will Carroll Presents. (Wow, it seems so long ago since I brought up our old address.) Will has been busy covering the baseball trade rumormill at Baseball Prospectus, (check out his great stuff) but says he will be getting his up in the next couple of weeks.

Wanted to mention a few things in regards to my links. You will notice that there are no pure baseball links listed. I will be putting them up later when Will lists his. In the meantime, if you are looking for baseball links, go to almost any of the other Toaster sites and you can find a large list of them.

The first section is magazines I subscribe to, which I listed, as I think it gives you an idea of my interests. I plan on doing a post on magazines soon, as I'm an addict to periodicals. Next listed are 4 of my favorite comedians, who just happen to be good friends of mine, also. (another post in the future will get in more depth on comics) Other sports sites focuses on college basketball, except for Northcoast Sports, as the best non-baseball blogs are in this category. Entertainment Sites has 4 sites that I think are superior in what they offer.

Finally, let me get to my category, Not XXX--But Not Suitable For Work. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!) I tried to pick links that you might not have ever checked out, but have some really interesting, albeit twisted material. Asylum Ecletica is beyond dark. Daily BS is a site by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, some cat who's got a lot to say, if you like it or not. Disinformation is another site where you might not agree with what is offered, but definitely offers thoughts not shared by other news outlets. Jesus of the Week will set you off a blasephemous fit of hilarity. (Check out Johnny Damon 3- "Curt Schilling ankle stigmata") Rog Reviews the porn movies better than all cummers, plus great interviews. lives up to it's name, as it's a car wreck on the side of the road, while its library section helps you out with all the term paper info you need, if your professor is Marilyn Manson. The Superficial is just raunchy enough to create interest in celebrity gossip for a perverted psuedo-intellectual like myself. Weird Sex News is exactly what the title says. Why HBO doesn't have a weekly broadcast with reporters "fleshing" out these stories is a wonder to me.

Hopefully you will gain something from these sites, as one of the greatest elements of the internet is presenting material and thoughts that don't appear on network or cable television. I would be interested in any other unique, but fairly unknown sites I might not have listed. Please help me on this quest.

2005-07-28 06:49:16
1.   Beth
I thought I was the only sick freak in the world who looked at Asylum Eclectica and Rotten.

Do you get the Morbid Fact du Jour newsletter?

2005-07-28 11:13:47
2.   Scott Long
I don't just because I always worry about being sold-out on my address, but I check it regularly, as I do all of these sites, because it's info I get nowhere else.

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