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2005-07-26 11:24
by Will Carroll

I love my iPod, no doubt about it. It's the first device where I've gone two years without seeing a feature I'd want to add. More space? Eh, I have 5000 songs now. Longer battery life? Sure, but I've seldom been in a situation where it's been a problem. Shuffle? Ok, yeah, I bought one and quickly found out that I use the two devices very differently. A shuffle is like a personal radio station - turn it on and listen - where the normal iPod is a real choice/player.

So would I switch? This device is the first one that's made me seriously consider it. It would take about a month to change all my music from AAC format to MP3 and I'd lose some quality, but I think I could live with that. My pocket space wouldn't change appreciably and I'd add a function, one I already use and love. If they price it right AND get the usability in the iPod's ballpark, I'll certainly have to consider it.

Apple, it's your move.

**UPDATE** I spoke to soon. The gang at Engadget note that this device isn't a pocket-spacesaver. It's XM enabled, meaning you still need to have an extra tuner and antenna attached. That isn't enough, at least for me. Combine my iPod and a MyFi with better reception and we've got a deal.

2005-07-26 20:20:17
1.   Smed
Will - I'm soon to be on iPod #4 from Apple - the last two went loco on me and the first one had the dreaded battery issue. Sure, I've loaded it with over 11,500 songs (it's a 40GB) and I probably abused the battery - but hey - that's what extended service plans are for.
2005-07-27 12:45:28
2.   Xeifrank
Oh, how I yearn for the days when this use to be a baseball blog. :) vr, Xeifrank
2005-07-27 14:51:57
3.   RickM
You know what technology is dying? Handheld computers. Palm pilots and the like. Cell phones are running them out of business. I fear for the day when the get a hard drive in a cell phone, and kill the Ipod too.

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