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The New Coke of 2005
2005-07-20 21:39
by Scott Long

New and Improved my ASS! This is what I say to the change in formula to my drink of choice the past few years, Pepsi One. I'm not sure when it happened, but around the beginning of the year, Pepsi One changed the design of their can (from silver to black). Nowhere on the can did it say they had changed the flavor, but all it took was one swig to know it wasn't the same.

My soda history is that I grew up drinking Coca-cola from a glass bottle. For those of you that have been deprived of this, it's the best way to drink cola, much like beer is better from a bottle. Around 1991, bottles started to become scarce, so it was either cans or 2 liter bottles, as options. Since this was also the time I knew I needed to cut some calories, I used this change to start drinking diet soda. Diet Coke has always had a strange aftertaste, so I switched to the (Diet) Pepsi generation. When Pepsi One hit the stores in the late 90's, I tried it and it became my carbonated beverage of choice. Much like when Coke introduced New Coke and at the same time, took Classic Coke off the shelves, Pepsi One's change for the worse, left me in a predicament.

I went back to Diet Pepsi the past few months and then last week, tried a new product called Coke Zero. Well guess what, this soda maven is back on the Coke payroll. I highly recommend Coke Zero and Sprite Zero, as they are the best diet drinks I've tasted, as their aftertaste is nearly non-existent.

So that's what happening to me in my exciting life. Look for in the future, my tale of how my favorite cereal, Cinnamon Life, changed it flavor formula a couple of years ago, and I haven't been able to eat it since.

2005-07-20 23:42:50
1.   Bob Timmermann
I think Pepsi One got its name Scott because you were the one person who liked it.
2005-07-21 00:20:25
2.   rageon
Lucky for us, Pepsi is now selling something like 87 different varieties of low-calorie soda. So between 0 calorie, 1 calorie, half-calorie, different sweeteners, different ratios of sweeteners to each other, and different color cans, there's something for everyone.

It's good to know that our society has put it's collective scientific knowledge to work on something so important. With any luck, we'll get this Diet Cola mystery figured out pretty soon, so we can get crackin' on the whole curing cancer thing.

And on a not so rant-like note...I feel for you. They did the same to me with Trix cereal quite a while ago. Those bastards at General Mills.

2005-07-21 04:29:12
3.   billfer
You're not alone Scott. I have a pretty raging addiction to the drink. What they changed was that they switched the sweetner from aspartame to splenda. I've gotten use to it after sometime, but I miss the old stuff. I guess the upside is a reduced risk of cancer.
2005-07-21 07:13:53
4.   Loogy
Okay, you convinced me. I'll give it a try. I do need an alternative to "full sugar" Coke or Pepsi.
2005-07-21 07:39:15
5.   chris in illinois
Don't get me started on the rage I've been carrying with since Coke went from cane sugar to corn syrup..........I'm only half kidding......
2005-07-21 07:45:16
6.   Scott Long
Rageon- HI-larious. Good points.

I will admit that I have recently tried the diet pepsi with lime and it's a refreshing change of pace, but a little too funky to eat with a regular meal. Maybe I should have a website where I discuss soda choices depending on what food you're eating, then I could have TFD tell you what wine you would drink with it.

2005-07-21 08:52:41
7.   arbeck
It all has to do with splenda you see. Both Pepsi and coke want in on the splenda bandwagon, but they didn't want to introduce completly new products. What Pepsi did was switch Pepsi One to splenda, but kept Diet Pepsi the same. There was no change in the Pepsi One formula, only the sweetner changed which some people may or may not like.

What coke did was a bit more insidious. You see Diet Coke's formula is actually not really related to Coke at all. It was developed from the ground up doing blind taste tests. What was interesting is that people seemed to prefer this forumla to regular Coke. This is what led to New Coke. New Coke was just Diet Coke with the aspartame swapped out for sugar. What Coke has done now is swap the aspartame for splenda in the Diet Coke but introduced a whole new product in Coke Zero. Coke Zero is the Classic Coke recipe, but with aspartame instead of sugar.

The fact that I know all of this kind of makes me sad.

2005-07-21 10:11:10
8.   Scott Long
Arbeck- Do not be sad, as I was fascinated by your info on flavored water. I'm not surprised that Coke Zero is the Classic Coke recipe, since that's the flavor I enjoy the best and what my taste buds grew up with.
2005-07-21 11:46:45
9.   Todd S
I'll probably get laughed off the message board since this isn't real pop, but my favorite diet drink is Minute Maid Lite lemonade. It's 5 calories per can (not zero) but it lacks both caffeine and phosphoric acid, two things that I don't really need. (I get my caffeine fix from either green tea or coffee.) I've never been able to switch to diet pop from regular, because of the aftertaste. I can drink the Lemonade guilt-free, however. There are some other flavors, too, but so far the original lemonade is the best.

On a completely unrelated note, I picked up Radiohead's The Bends last night. Thanks for the tip.

2005-07-21 14:08:19
10.   Scott Long
We are an equal opportunity flavored water board here, so thanks for the lemonade advice. In regards to the Bends, crank Just and let the music take over. No aftertaste on that tune.
2005-07-21 14:17:11
11.   JJoeScott
#7 - Thanks for the analysis.

What I really like these days is the new Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi. Good flavor. I was drinking the dier lime for awhile, but got tired of it pretty quickly.

I tried Coke Zero at the Food Show in Chicago: Tastes almost spot on like Coke Classic. They should market it that way: As Diet Coca Cola Classic. But "zero," I guess, researched better.

2005-07-21 14:46:35
12.   Another Tom
Well, I'm a diet Pepsi addict and have been for as long as I can remember. Can't stand Diet Coke. But I'm trying to get into my summer body and I was told those last couple pounds can be lost by switiching to Splenda instead of nurtrasweet. So I started drinking Pepsi One. I used to drink it back in '00 when it first came out. It was ok. It's still ok. Not great.

I read Scott's comment and I tried Coke Zero today. Decent. Won't replace my Diet Pepsi when I'm done with this diet, but it was decent. However, the greatest thing out here in Scottsdale is that the SuperPumpers (yes, that's the name) put Diet Mt Dew in all of their soda fountains. Now that is truly God's nectar.

Just seeing The Bends typed in made me play that disc again all day. Got me thinking what my favorite cut is off of that disc - has to be either Iron Lung or The Bends, with High & Dry and Fake Plastic Trees battling for Show.

2005-07-21 19:50:12
13.   TFD
All right guys answer me this: With all the damn analysis that those scientists on CSI, etc. can do on every freaking human fiber, why is it we can't know what's really in Splenda or Nutra Sweet or really this "aspartame". I mean is this crap I'm putting in my body chlorine or what??

I want answers - - trade secrets be damned!

BTW, DP man all the way.

2005-07-21 21:03:49
14.   Scott Long

Be careful when you say "DP man all the way". Us porno afficiandos think of DP as something else, as if I didn't hear it in proper context, I would ask you, what other guy do you work with?

2005-07-22 06:53:41
15.   RickM
Before you use either consider this...

Equal (Aspertame) is a product developed and marketed by Searle, that was developed under the "leadership" of Donald Rumsfeld, one of the architects of our current Iraq policy.

Sweet and Low (Saccharin) is distributed by the Cumberland Packing Corporation. Previously a big corporate backer of former NY Senator Alphonse D'mato (R-Made), and currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gambino crime family.

Splenda ... well, they say it's made from sugar.

Pick your poison ... carefully!

2005-07-22 19:19:29
16.   capdodger
5 - If you really want Coke with cane sugar stock up on the yellow-cap two liters after Passover. I still have a bottle left.
2005-07-23 06:54:24
17.   Ryan
All of those pops with the lemon or lime flavor taste lime someone happened to be dusting around the can.

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