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Blogging The Deadline
2005-07-17 20:22
by Will Carroll

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be filing a lot of short reports to do with the trading deadline here. I'll be honest with you - not all of them will pan out. It's the nature of the beast that some things happen, some things don't, and unless I hit one of those few occasions when both sides will tell me of a deal in the works, it won't be authoritative. I will do my best to be as accurate as possible.

The A.J. Burnett deal is heating up. Texas appears to be out and Toronto is a longer shot than previous. Baltimore upped their offer, meaning they may have added Hayden Penn to the mix or, more likely, are willing to take on not only Mike Lowell (who the Twins can't afford) but Juan Encarnacion. That would be a bold move for the Orioles. This trade will happen sooner than later, assuming it happens.

Two different front offices have been working on prying Aubrey Huff loose. Both are sick of trying to make a deal with the Devil Rays. The Rays may also miss out on a chance to move Denys Baez now that the D-Backs are scouting Shingo Takatsu. The Sox aren't asking for one of the elite prospects in return, as the Rays did.

The Reds are waiting for offers on Joe Randa. Minnesota and San Diego figure to be the bidders based on need, but neither is very excited about the idea of giving up much for Randa. San Diego doesn't really need him if they're willing to push Mark Loretta to third and Minnesota is fundamentally resistant to dealing its prospects.

When Jack McKeon is fired, expect Tony Perez to step in. Perez deserves another shot at managing.

For those that doubted Zach Duke, well, quit doubting. The kid is real. His emergence - and several options including Ian Snell and Tom Gorzelanny, make Mark Redman and Kip Wells available. Redman is being watched by the Yanks and Red Sox. The White Sox would love to have Wells back if they miss out on Burnett or another top-line starter.

Jeromy Burnitz available? Maybe. He'll be one of those guys that would likely make it through waivers, allowing him to be traded in August. The Cubs like him, but will call up Felix Pie if the team falls out of the wild card race.

Back as necessary.

2005-07-17 21:41:22
1.   Angelfan
In watching Zach Duke, I see some similarities in throwing styles between him and Randy Wolf. I know you're the expert with this stuff so I'm wondering how far off I am. It appears that Duke may be throwing harder with less effort, or at least less of a sling shot motion but I may be wrong.

Maybe it was just the camera angle, but I also noticed that Zach is pretty closed at his release point. My copy of Saving the Pitcher is somewhere in transit right now, so I'm wondering if pitchers that release the ball closed like this are typically more susceptible to injury.

Thanks in advance,

2005-07-17 22:01:36
2.   Will Carroll
I don't see the Wolf comparison. I look at Duke and see Tom Glavine. He does have a closed release point at times. He has a more pronounced "directional effect" than many pitchers. I couldn't tell you why without seeing him in high-speed.
2005-07-17 22:11:37
3.   JTK
Perhaps i am over anxious but I am really curious to find out what the Cubs do if they don't fall out of the WC race.
The Burnett deal will be interesting to watch. To see what he pulls in; perhaps over-rated and definitely injury prone.
2005-07-17 23:05:19
4.   Xeifrank
Can anyone post some info on Zach Duke? At what level is he pitching at and what are his stats like and when is he expected to get called up. Thanks,
vr, Xei
2005-07-18 00:41:36
5.   Another Tom
Duke has been called up to the majors and is doing quite well, thank you. In 3 starts he is 2-0 with a 1.23. The most impressive stat is his 21-4 k ratio.

I wouldn't say he is Wolf-esque although he has almost the same build. I like the Glavine comparison, I just hope he doesn't go the Steve Avery route.

That is an awful lot for the Orioles to give up/take on for AJ. If it is really Julio, Bigbie and Penn for AJ and Lowell that is a tremendous cost to the O's. Lowell is owed $18m over the next 2 and where will he play? Mora has a hold on 3rd and the Orioles have WAY too many DH's on that roster. Plus the cost to resign AJ??


2005-07-18 07:18:40
6.   Marc Normandin
My guess is they hope the new scenery can get Mike Lowell's bat hot again, and they can slot him in at first and stop playing Raffy now that he has his 3,000 hit. Even if Palmeiro is playing better, if Lowell can revert to form I'd take him at this point. Of course, that is quite the massive if.
2005-07-18 07:19:20
7.   Marc Normandin
How much money do the O's have coming off the books this winter?
2005-07-23 00:27:55
8.   10man
At the rate the Orioles are acquiring overpriced veterans with bloated contracts, they are beggining to look more and more like the SF 49ers of the early 2000's. The only difference is baseball doesn't have a salary cap.

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