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Acquisition Sale: Who Is the Top Player?
2005-07-14 07:55
by Scott Long

So the trade deadline looms in a couple of weeks, so I would like to get some feedback from you, on who is the top player on the trading block, who would make the biggest difference to a team down the stretch. Is it Jason Schmidt, Adam Dunn, A.J. Burnett, etc.? I realize that what the Braves need differ from say what the Nationals need, so explain the reasoning behind your choice.

2005-07-14 12:42:13
1.   chris in illinois
Well, I'll throw out Adam Dunn...As a Braves' fan I'd love to swap one Adam for another. I don't think it's a stretch to consider Chipper as the first sacker of the future, but I think Mr. Dunn could handle a corner. I'm not sure how much he'll help this year, but his impact would be great as he travels through his 26-28 year old seasons over the next few years.
2005-07-14 13:18:10
2.   Blah Blah Blah
Dunn may be the best player, but Burnett may have the most marginal value given that he will be replacing somebody's 5th starter, whereas Dunn will presumably replace a corner outfielder.

I like Burnett over Schmidt - both are time bombs but I suspect Jason's is ticking faster.

2005-07-14 14:35:32
3.   stevegoz
I'm going to have to say Dunn or some other hitter over any starting pitcher. I get the 5th starter-replacement argument, but feel that the 16 or so starts a team would get out of a pitcher acquired at this late date could be as much a curse as a blessing.

Or maybe I keep having flashbacks to the 1993 acquisition of Tim Belcher by the White Sox.

Belcher? He was more of a hurler, and he left a mess all over the place....

2005-07-14 14:37:33
4.   tem213
I'd go with Dunn because of his age and because pitchers are inherently more risky. Schmidt is older and has had some injury problems. Burnett has also had some injury problems. I hope the Cubs can get Dunn, and if they can do it without giving up Pie all the better.

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