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A Call
2005-06-28 19:11
by Will Carroll

Where have I been? Laughing at the psycho ex-girlfriend letter!

Scott and I are looking for an "intern." We can't offer college credit, unless you're buying your degree from one of those diploma mills. In that case, consider it an elective. We're looking for someone that can handle the technical stuff that we simply can't - links on the sidebar, updating our schedules and media appearances, monitoring news and putting up the occasional posts. Tech ability a must, writing ability a major plus. You know where to send your short request/resume.

iTunes 4.9 includes major support for podcasting. This is a big boon for BPR and you'll see the link very soon on iTunes itself. Here's my question: one of the new tools included is "chapters." TUAW describes it this way: "Chapters, my friends, are what podcasts have been missing since their inception. Apple has released a tool (currently in beta) that allows you to set marks on a MPEG4 AAC file. When iTunes reaches the time you have decided on it will display a certain picture or textual link in the Album Art box of iTunes." My problem is that it only works for AAC files, not MP3. MP3 is more accepted, but AAC is supported by iTunes/iPod, the vast majority of the market. (Then again, Scott has a non-pod ...) Is something like chaptering worth switching the BPR feed to AAC to get it?

More soon.

2005-06-28 20:42:28
1.   TFD
Hey this iPod is great, but....I can't download any Radiohead songs? WTF?!!!! This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed now. Ok, Steve, get on it, dammit! Call Thom ASAP.
2005-06-29 06:35:37
2.   Smed
My iPod just plotzed. Argh! I have a 40GB mark III version and it decided it didn't want to read its hard drive anymore. Ah, well. Apple tech support, here we come!

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