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Gyro: Video
2005-05-17 05:08
by Will Carroll

This time, there should be no doubt.

Joey Niezer threw a one-hitter yesterday and, heading into the tourney season, is ready to go. Yes, the gyroball was thrown for strikes and, for those that doubt, here's some video.

2005-05-17 08:36:30
1.   Craig B
Jeezum crow! That's some nice movement.

So how do you throw that thing again?

2005-05-17 09:09:08
2.   NetShrine
I'm much more interested in seeing what a pitching prospect does against other prospects, one-on-one, in pitcher-batter match-ups than how he does vs. a team.

Controling the best HS hitting prosect - or at least someone in the top 100 - for 4 PA in a game is sometimes a better gauge than how the pitcher does vs. a team of players that are just a notch above (perhaps) than the Lighthouse of the Blind school team or a quad from St. Mary's all-girls school.

Will, any idea how Joey has done against some legit hitting prospects? Has he faced any of them at all? It would be interesting to know the results.

2005-05-17 09:31:48
3.   Will Carroll
That's one of the difficult things to judge. Indiana's a weak baseball state and 1A in particular. The thing is that no one chooses who they face and good team or bad, Joey's done very well. That consistency and not taking batters off speaks volumes.
2005-05-17 09:51:00
4.   Smed
Knowing what I know about Indiana baseball and their schedule - he probably hasn't faced anyone that's going to play D-1 ball. Maybe not even D-2.

(But guess what - HE'S DEPOSITED! So I have a hunch where he's going to be plying the gyro for a while anyway...)

2005-05-17 10:26:53
5.   SanJoseSteverino
One of the (first or second) things we want to do with Saving The Pitcher Baseball Camps is run some clinics for coaches. They will probably be two hour clinics, with Will on live feed. Will and I have discussed it very briefly, but it seems like a good idea. What do you think? Please send me an email (please do not call, that's for the camps) if you or a coach or parent you know would like the details.

please see

2005-05-17 11:25:56
6.   skooter
Jeez, this guys gonna have the pressure of all the baseballtoaster readership on his back when he pitches in college.

Btw, nice interview on the King Kauffman site. Outside of BP, he's my favorite scribe.

2005-05-17 12:22:36
7.   bob gaj
seconded what craig asked in msg 1. i've seen lots of discussion of the pitch (ie. the knuckleball board) but can't find a link of how to grip / throw it.

can anyone post this information, or a link to same?

2005-05-17 17:55:44
8.   djt
Rob Neyer's got you covered.
2005-05-17 18:00:56
9.   djt
That was a bit gnomic, so just to follow up: Rob's providing the server space, but it's Will's article.
2005-05-17 23:27:05
10.   DanM

Is that the gyroball in the bottom right video, matsui.mpg?

If so, that video gives a more close up look at the pitch for those looking to learn how to throw it.

2005-05-18 04:41:13
11.   bob gaj
thanks for the links; i want to show it to one of my neighbors...
2005-05-19 11:10:06
12.   LoneChicken
I'm still not sure exactly how this thing is thrown from reading Will's excerpt at Neyer's site.

So, correct me if I'm wrong...The arm motion is just a fastball right?

How does the ball come off the fingers? On the curveball side, on the circle-change side, or like a fastball?

2005-05-19 11:49:21
13.   Will Carroll
It's thrown kind of like a football. Not exactly, but that's the easiest way to explain it.
2005-05-27 10:52:36
14.   ezrider714
with all the flaws in that motion, arm injuries guaranteed before having to worry about college

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