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Deep Meta
2005-02-18 02:10
by Will Carroll


Ok, let's see if I can keep this all straight.

I found out that a lot more people think they know who the THG creator is than I expected. You should expect THAT story to get more traction prior to "The Juice" coming out.

This article by Steve Kettman shows a lot of interesting tips and a good grasp of the basics of this whole thing. It gets a LOT more interesting when you realize that Kettman is Jose Canseco's ghostwriter on "Juiced."

Yes, this was news to a lot of us, including, I suspect, Rob Neyer.

I know for a fact that one of the items in Kettman's piece linked above is absolutely false. I suspect he put the falsehood in intentionally, trying to trip someone up a bit.

Two people mentioned - Mark Fainaru-Wada and Howard Bryant, both of whom have done amazing jobs reporting this story - are my guests on BPR this weekend. (If you want to be on BPR, we're taking calls 9-10 EST on Saturday morning.)

The last graf is the most pointed and poignant:

Still, there's reason to be skeptical whether the Chron's drive on this story will be emulated in the future, even by the paper itself. Ask yourself a question: What about McGwire? Who is asking him the hard questions about the year he broke Roger Maris's home run record? He was Giambi's best friend, and I've spoken with a number of reliable inside sources who've talked in explicit detail about his steroid use. But have any editors sent a reporter to show up at his door in Southern California, the way reporters often show up at front doors to badger coaches who've just been fired? Apparently not. What are they afraid of? Probably the truth.

It's a damned good question and I'll be honest - it's really weird to be in the middle of this.

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