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Taking a break from ESPN bashing
2005-02-10 08:18
by Scott Long

I know taking shots at ESPN is a favorite pastime for many around here, but let me once reiterate how great the Hot List with Brian Kenny is. Taking place on ESPNews between 3:00-6:00 EST. this show is like the best sports radio show, but on TV. If you are unaware, Kenny is the most SABR-oriented guy working at ESPN, outside of Rob Neyer, who is a regular guest with Kenny.

Just yesterday, Kenny had Joe Sheehan in the first hour. Joe reiterated what he wrote in BP, saying about the Magglio Ordonez deal that the only good thing about the contact is the clause that gets the Tigers off the hook, after the first year if he spends 25 games on the DL. The best line of 2005 followed with Joe saying "The problem is, that's the best-case scenario for the Tigers, so much so that it might be worth their while to dial up Tonya Harding and get Shane Stant's phone number." I will say I disagree with Sheehan's opinion that Omar Minaya had the best off-season of all GM's, as yes, the Pedro and Beltran signings were good, but there were few teams who could afford these guys and I didn't like anyone else he signed in the off-season.

After talkng to the Ben Folds of college basketball writers, Greg Doyel from CBS, he then had Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian. Excellent discussion on the off-season, though Timmy comments about how great the Giants did signing Matheny and Vizquel in the off-season seemed loony.

After most of the hour with these guys, Kenney had a second baseball roundtable in the last hour, with Jayson Stark and Steve Phillips. I think Phillips is really good on TV and he actually was honest enough to admit that he wouldn't have told players to use or not to use steroids, since he realized there was other players on other teams using. Starks felt the best signing was Steve Finley and JD Drew was the worst. WHAT? Phillips didn't like the Lowe signing. When asked about the Ordonez deal, Phillips thought it was good deal. (Did I say I liked Phillips?)

If you get the chance, catch the best 3 hours on ESPN, with the very informative Kenny, who's never afraid to come with strong opinions.

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