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Kicking The Habit
2004-11-29 21:33
by Will Carroll

I once famously wrote that people needed to stop blogging and start writing. It was as famously misunderstood (and famously poorly written, etc). Not to go meta again, but it's interesting to watch the format evolve. I have my daily reads, occasional reads, things people point me to, random links, and assorted whatnot. RSS is beginning to alter that, though it's recalling late 90's push technology like Marimba and ... oh what was that other thing everyone said we'd be using instead of browsers? (Ed.: Pointcast!)

For me, it's interesting to watch the traffic here plummet as the drama of the past month took place. Apparently, WCP is easily replaceable in a daily read or at least the habit is easy to break. If I can continue writing -- and once baseball season rolls around or the next time I say something people consider controversial -- I imagine the traffic will come back up as quickly as it went down.
Bloggers come and go; the writers will stay. We'll lose people like Brian Gunn and miss the chance to read some that perhaps I never came across but were just as good.

Still, somehow, bloggers aren't like players. Players move around, watched closely by rumor-mongers like me and it's 'part of the game.' Seinfeld said that in the modern game, we're not rooting for the players, we're rooting for laundry. I don't have a WCP jersey yet or even a lid. It's the writer we root for and even get a rush when we see there's something new, whether it's a quick tidbit or a long piece or a data study.

It's the habit that has me wondering if my "quit blogging, start writing" mantra works. Where there's no barrier to entry, there's no limits on leaving. Quality's the only thing that lasts.

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