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Speaking my peace (or war if you like that word better)
2004-11-03 01:50
by Scott Long

Hey, remember when you first came here and thought this was a baseball blog?

Well, sad Dems, let me restate the positive I saw from Kerry losing. Let me reiterate that Bush getting to select Supreme Court Justices and continually adding to our deficits wasn't worth it to me, but I'm not as shaken as most of my fellow Bush-haters are.

From day one I've felt that Kerry was a bad candidate, but I can't say there was anyone the Democrats could have put up in 2004 that would have done much better. (Actually, Kerry exceeded my expectations for him, as his war background gave him a chance. I think both Bush and Kerry are similar, as they needed a war to win this election, without it, you had to focus on their other characteristics and policies, which were pretty abysmal.)

I still believe that in normal circumstances, Edwards could have whupped Bush, but not when a war was going on. In 4 years, I see him as the Dems best hope.
Who I'm afraid will be victorious in the 2008 primaries is Hilary Clinton. Liberals who contribute here, you have got to stop with that concept, as she is hated by way too many people in this country and she will not only lose every red state, but I can't see her winning the upper Midwest, either. Edwards, Joe Biden, or someone who has Schwarznegger/Ventura pull with men (call me crazy, but Tom Brokaw would be a perfect candidate) is the type of candidate the Dems need to push forward.

Now, I know there will be a million reasons pointed to that cost Kerry the election, but the issue that was out of his hands, which I believe cost him most was gay marriage. Now let me state that I believe gay marriage should be legal and I personally think it's stupid that in 2004 it's still an issue, but............ I'm in the minority and despite how Kerry/Edwards tried to impress on the voters that they are just for Civil Unions, the President's efforts to make this a constitutional amendment was a huge winning issue for him. I believe a big reason Kerry got less of the black vote was because of the gay marriage issue. In the state of Ohio, alone, I think this gay marriage amendment might have cost him the state and in Iowa and New Mexico, if they end up in Bush's corner.

This is something that people in the Blue states need to remember in the future, that even though everyone they know in San Francisco and Boston think gay marriage should be legal, it puts Democrats in very tough positions in swing states. Sometimes you need to be a little more patient on pushing your liberal agenda. Making civil unions legal should have been the complete focus, which after 5 or 10 years of this being law, more swing state voters would realize that
it's not hurting anyone. I'm not blaming the Dems loss on this subject alone, I'm just saying it didn't help.

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