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Award Time
2004-09-24 04:15
by Will Carroll

I do a lot of talk radio. A lot.

It's an often banal form, filled with short answers, lack of thought, and a bandwagon/lynch mob mentality. It's just the format and the cravings for ratings mostly, playing to the lowest common denominator in a world full of people for whom deep analysis is "Whoo-hoo, love that #88 car!"

(Oh, there I go again, sounding elitist ...)

So, again, I turn to you, the non-LCDs to help me out. In the next week, I'm going to get a lot of questions about the basic categories, but Greg Rakestraw suggested coming up with some fun categories as well. Here are my picks for the awards, some fun categories, and I'd like both your arguments AGAINST my picks and fun categories of your own.

(Offered with only short explanations):
AL MVP: Gary Sheffield (Jay Jaffe, here's your cue)
NL MVP: Barry Bonds (There Is No Substitute.)
AL Cy: Johan Santana (Aaron, here's your cue)
NL Cy: Randy Johnson (Clemens probably will, but Unit deserves it.)
AL RoY: Bobby Crosby (umm, none of the above?)
NL RoY: Jason Bay (if he's eligible. If not, Khalil Greene.)
AL MoY: Buck Showalter (because I need some explanation for the Rangers.)
NL MoY: Tony La Russa (give him some credit.)
Best FA Signing: Miguel Tejada (Squeaker over Maddux.)
Worst FA Signing: Andy Pettitte (and it gets worse next year.)
Breakout Player: Johan Santana (Pedro, Part II?)
Most Overrated: Lance Berkman
Most Underrated: Melvin Mora (his team holds him back.)
Alien Invasion: Mark Loretta (I mean, come on!)
Young Guy I Want On My Team: Zack Greinke (filthy, mature.)
FA I wouldn't want to risk signing: Carlos Delgado (just a hunch.)
Team Stepping Up in '05: Detroit
Team Falling Down in '05: Houston

Your turn, in comments ...

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