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Explain It To Me
2004-09-21 07:02
by Will Carroll

I was sitting here mulling some ideas to write about, but realized that I'm more interested in the discussions we have. Think of it as a test case for a couple ideas I'm having behind the scenes.

So explain to me ...

... why anyone would consider voting for Ralph Nader, or any third party candidate? There's no representation, such as in a Parliamentary situation. I'll buy the principle argument, but shouldn't that end at the ballot box in the face of certain losses?

... why "singles" last forever, yet no one really buys singles. They're coming back a bit with iTunes, but come on. Who really buys some of this dreck? Even the good stuff gets overplayed into dust. I remember listening to the new Outkast album driving up to see the Cubs in the playoffs last year. There's been TWO singles off "The Love Below" - "Hey Ya" and "Roses" - that have been in massively heavy rotation since then. Good songs, sure, but come on! The Beatles put out a new single every nine minutes.

... how people afford to buy cars. I love leasing. I'm always looking at new cars and have had my eye on the Mini Convertible for a while. It's probably not going to be the car I get, sadly, but with a lease, it's close. Buy it?

... is the poker craze the final nail in the coffin of opponents of legal gambling? I think a smart promoter could set up nationwide satellite tourneys putting people through to the World Series and make a killing. Of course, I think Streetball could be a legitimate NBA competitor.

... why I hate ESPN Motion, but am still glad that they made a Mac version finally.

... why no one gives me any credit for saying Keane would be huge months ago?

... what the hell got into David Weathers?

... why no one is taking bets about the facial hair Joe Sheehan will be sporting Sunday when he goes on Outside the Lines this Sunday? Goatee at 3 to 1, clean at 5 to 1, scruffy Don Johnson look is 20 to 1, but don't overlook the Rollie Fingers look at 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1.

... how I missed this. Technology always follows porn and I just read an article about the shift to HD porn going on.

... why I can't find a good online review of the Dyson vacuum cleaner or the Sidekick II?

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