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NFL Preview
2004-09-08 23:34
by Scott Long

The best division in football this year is the AFC South. Jacksonville and Houston are the most improved teams in the AFC, but face Indy and Tennessee twice a year. Overall, I see the Patriots, Colts, and Chiefs as the best 3 teams again this year, with Baltimore, Cincinnati, Denver, Jacksonville, and Tennessee all around 10-6 or 9-7, struggling for the other 3 Playoff spots. I will take the Ravens, Bengals, and Broncos to be the other playoff teams, as the AFC South will eat itself.

I like the Colts to win the AFC this year, as I expect the increased policing of defensive pass interference to effect the Patriots greatly, even though their offense should be better, with Corey Dillion at running back.

The NFC East will have 2 teams come out of it, as both Philadelphia and Washington's schedules are really easy. Carolina and surprising New Orleans will come out of the NFC South. The best balanced (most mediocre) division in football is the NFC North. I expect the whole division to be between 9-7 and 7-9, with the Packers winning it's last division title for a while, with it once again coming down to the last week of the season. (Detroit is the most improved team in the NFC.) In the most lopsided division, take the Seahawks, as they get to beat up on two of the worst teams in the NFL, Arizona and San Francisco, plus a St. Louis team on the decline.

Whoever gets home field between the Eagles, Seahawks, and Panthers will go to the Super Bowl. Philly's regular season schedule is one-game easier, so I'm going with them to break their jinx.

The most underrated coach in the NFL is Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson and I expect he will create a tricky enough scheme to confuse Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Eagles win it all, as Terrell Owens exposes the Colts small defensive backs.

Your turn.

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