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2004-05-29 01:54
by Scott Long
Scott Long is now blogging at
Will Carroll can still be found at Baseball Prospectus.

Ok, so I guess Will has been catching crap about some perceived anti-White Sox bias. Well, here I am to refute this, as here on Will's own Weblog, he allows a huge White Sox fan, me, to throw in my ramblings. Being a Sox fan, of course I have some insecurity issues about the Cubs owning the city and I also have the added nightmare of being owned by the biggest jackass in Sports. Now for the White Sox update.


If you just looked at what he has done in putting this 2004 team together, you would think the above statement is true. Getting Schoenweiss for Gary Garland has been a slam dunk trade. Trading Chris Singleton to get Willie Harris is working out great. Miguel Olivo continues to look play like a Pudge Rodriguez clone, which takes away some of the Moneyball/CHad Bradford thesis.
Tataksu is somehow pitching lights out, despite being blasted by every expert before the season and Mike Jackson has arisen from the dead. And the top pickup of the off-season looks to be the Juan Uribe for Aaron Miles deal. And I haven't even mentioned the outstanding moves of 2003 and 2002, Loiaza and Marte. Even Joe Borchard is starting to catch fire in Charlotte.

I've never been a big fan of Williams, but it's time to give the guy his due. Sure, it would be nice to have Kip Wells in the rotation and thank God the Angels backed out of the Jon Garland for Darrin Erstad deal he wanted to make, but currently there is no team in MLB you can point to for having made as many great deals over the past 2 years.

The Sox are off to a great start, with none of their top players playing above their potential. Now, as a Sox fan, I know I'm hallucinating and everything will fall apart soon.

Schizo Scott Signing Out

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