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I Gotta Do Something About This Title
2004-03-31 07:36
by Will Carroll

New Pat McGee album rules and the Prince concert to open his tour got four stars in USA Today ...

... but enough of that. I don't tease with news for weeks or months and I'd really rather not tease at all, but I did want all my ducks in a row before making this announcement.

When I started doing this weblog, it was a lark. It's still not "serious," but I do take it seriously. I talk some baseball, some tangential stuff, and my day. There's the occasional politics, some meta-musings on the place of the internet in baseball writing (which I think in some small way helped shape the A-B family), and the irregular analysis piece like my recent VORP piece which got shockingly little attention.

Basically, the idea of this blog was that it would be like the bar across the street from my real job at BP. I'd come over, sit down at a stool next to you, and we'd talk. I'd been haranguing TFD to do a blog, so I gave him a stool here too and the guy just stuck around. Not that I minded and I don't think you do either.

Get another stool. There's always room for another voice here at WCW. I'm happy and proud to announce the addition of Ken Arneson to the team. Many of you know Ken's work at "Barry Zito Forever" and in various other places. He's full of heart and humbug, intelligence and vinegar. I hope you'll welcome him and think you'll like reading his stuff as much as I do.

Yeah, I have enough ego to keep calling this the "Will Carroll Weblog," but think of it like The Sopranos - Tony may get the most lines, but it's the others that often do the best work. Thanks for being part of the family.

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