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Notes During Game 1, Pt 2
2004-03-30 07:01
by Will Carroll

When Harold says "so and so is a big guy," there's really no context. Harold's shorter than me, but most baseball players are pretty normal looking. There are some guys who are massive, but none of them are the freakish looking NFL or NBA types. The most muscular player I've ever seen in person was Gabe Kapler a couple years back. He was chiseled and would have set Alex Ciepley aflutter for years, but he's not so big that he didn't look human. You could go to any gym or actually, any nightclub and find someone as buff. Lots of players look more like a guy you'd see on a bar stool than they'd like to admit.

Sheffield checks a liner for a double? Damn, how much bat speed does he generate?

This is the first time I've seen Victor Zambrano pitch. Like most, I don't catch too many Rays games. He reminds me of A.J. Burnett, in good ways. His pitches have a lot of life and he's wild in the zone. With this defense and the turf, he could be a good sleeper unless you're looking for wins.

Damn fine play by Julio Lugo. That's what I mean.

Lugo's one of a couple players I hoped would fall to me in the late rounds of a draft. Both he and Ray Castro went before it got back around to me. I miscalculated and took a flyer on A.J. Burnett because of the league's odd keeper rules. I have eight credible starters, so I'm hoping I can trade for a decent SS.

Damn, Cruz killed that one. 420 on a line.

Mussina's mechanics are a mess. Just in his legs, he's showing about three different deliveries.

Are you fucking kidding me? Chuck Lamar just got a two year extension?! Okay, I'm now convinced he has pictures of someone and a goat. I really, really want to hear Tampa ownership convince me there's any objective reason for keeping him.

Getting work in? Ummm, this one counts, Harold. This is the reverse of what a pitch count should do. Mussina's fatigued, has no command, no confidence, and his mechanics are flawed. It won't get near the notice of Little's Folly, but leaving him ... double down the line ... in was a mistake. I'm not sure it was just one batter too long; it might have been more than that.

As bad as Mussina looked, Quantrill looked good. Here's a thought ... if there's one place to try the tandem starter system in the bigs, might it be Colorado? Get eight guys like Quantrill and see if the balls all beat into the turf helps keep it in the park. Aaargh ... Colorado's more a logic puzzle than a ballclub.

Lance Carter had two TJs? Huh.

Alex is still adjusting to third. Gene Monahan gets some screen time. Oops, yeah, it was Quantrill's fault. He's coming out, but not limping badly. I rewound and didn't see the right knee buckle.

Now the wheels are falling off. Huff looks like he's seeing the ball.

TFD just blew up the cell and tried to bum out my day with bad Prior mojo. His elbow's healthy, but again, the Cubs are being crazy cautious. He's back in Chicago with team doctors and has already seen Lew Yocum. Mike Kiley has the details.

Gone. Tino's got to like doing that. Guess the Yanks aren't going to win all 162 this year like some expected. I'd tell you what I wrote down in the Predicatron, but I hate getting Yankee hate mail.

Know what I didn't miss in the offseason? Thunderstix. Haven't those been banned yet?

A-Rod's coming up and Eminem's "Without Me" is playing. I'm not sure if that's random or what it might mean. Unlikely theme songs for $200, Alex.

Baldelli SMASHED into that wall. I was told that he's not the diving, Jim Edmonds-type player, but I might have to check that.

Good point ... what lead is safe with the lineup the Yanks have?

This game is crisp. We're at about 2:40 going to what will likely be the last half-inning. Commercial breaks seem a bit shorter. Oh wait, Danny Baez is out there, so that whole 'crisp game' might be out the window.

Was that Reggie Jackson in uniform, sitting next to A-Rod? No ... who is that? Maybe.

Nasty splitter. I like this pause-slomo that showcases the grip. See - at 1-2 he didnt get quite on top of it and Wilson was able to foul it off. Everyone's behind Baez's heater. If that curve was more than a show-me, I'd move him to the rotation.

Coining a term ... if there's a closer and a set-up man, I'm going to try to make the term "bridge reliever" stick for the guy who's supposed to take the 6th or 7th inning. Last year, Brad Lidge was a bridge reliever for the Astros.

The Red Sox are now a half game up on the Yankees ... see you tomorrow, drive safely, and remember to tip your waitress.

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