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Merry Christmas
2004-02-17 23:26
by Will Carroll

Happy Birthday, Happy Hannukah, and whatever you say for Kwanzaa too. If you're a Cubs fan, it's almost as good.

Greg Maddux will sign with the Cubs, I've learned from multiple sources, and the signing could be announced as soon as tomorrow. Delayed slightly by the A-Rod deal, Maddux returns to the Cubs on a 2 year, $15m deal that may include an option, depending on the source.

Don't expect Maddux in camp immediately, but he should be there when it counts. For Cubs fans, that's October. While I dont think the "Maddux as mentor" stuff is as valuable as some make it out to be, I certainly don't think having him around will hurt anyone. The best part is that he'll allow Zambrano to shift down to the five slot, taking a bit of stress off his arm after a hard workload last season and hopefully allowing him to go deep into the post-season, rather than come in gassed like '03.

Unless you're Juan Cruz, there's no downside to this deal. The Cubs have the money to spend, it won't limit them from making some deadline deals if need be, and there's little reason to think Maddux's streak of 15 win seasons won't continue. Talk "Big Three" of Pedro, Schilling and Lowe or Zito, Hudson, and Mulder or even Brown, Vazquez and Mussina ... this Big Three is as good and I think the Cubs go five deep better than any rotation.

(EDIT - Gleeman's a buzzkill, telling me ESPN had this on SportsCenter. I guess I should start watching that occasionally. I don't think I've watched it ten times since I was on it in August. Here's a tip - show highlights.)

(EDIT 2 - ESPN is saying 3/24. As I said above, I heard that the third year was an option, but we'll see soon.)

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