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2004-02-16 18:56
by Will Carroll

Some quick thoughts on A-Rod:

You read Moneyball, didn't you?

2002 - Anaheim Angels

2003 - Florida Marlins

The Red Sox and Blue Jays are still very good teams.

All those retorts aside, I'm looking forward to some BP-style analysis of how this trade really works. How much does the positional setup cost? How many more runs will this team score? How does this team compare historically?

To me, this trade is about drama. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry was already epic, but this saga with the best young player in baseball takes it up a notch or two. No curse of the Bambino this time, it's just the one that got away. I don't think it can get much more intense than it was last season, Game Seven ALCS, but it just might.

I'm beginning to think that the Yankees may want to go back to their old "Highlander" nickname .... with the Sox and Bombers, there can be only one!


Please be sure to see "Advancing, Part II" and make suggestions for an upcoming BP series.


The different text colour expiriment is continuing. You should all see a new site design this week as the All-Baseball family of blogs does a full-on redo to make the association between this and some of the other great blogs hosted here at A-B more apparent and usable. We'll also be doing some more things like the "C&C Baseball Factory" from last year's Cub Reporter, some roundtable discussions, and some other interesting things.

My first commitment will always be my work at Baseball Prospectus, but I'm proud to be a part of both the best and second-best team of writers in baseball. Once again, ILBIW.

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