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General Chaos
2004-02-09 16:23
by Will Carroll


Working feverishly on the final writing touches for STP. One final snag to get over and life will be reasonably back to normal.

Aaron Gleeman wrote more questioning me about my Twins THR than the actual article. I may start a campaign to get Aaron a girlfriend, just to see if he can keep up the frenetic pace. Damned eBay ruined my first idea ...

Online chats rule. Did one over at BP earlier today. So where were you?

I'm the only American male that said "Awww crap, not Beyonce!" last night when she came on stage with Prince. I'm okay with that. Prince rocked and seeing Wendy and Lisa behind him ... priceless. If he's touring behind the upcoming album, go see him. YBGYD.

For the record, I'm a registered Independent and have never voted for a Democrat in a presidential election. During my legal voting years, it went: 88 - no vote; 92 - Perot; 96 - no vote; 00 - traded my vote and pulled the Nader lever.

I've adjusted the links you see on your right slightly. There's a little motion and a few additions. John Perricone is back on the scene and back in the groove. Clifford's Big Red Blog has moved from occasional to daily on my web-run, so he gets added in. NKOTB (and how many of you don't have to think what THAT is) Robb Sloan is a comer with his Clemson-slanted site. Worth checking.

Pure fluff, but Las Vegas is the best new show on TV. I don't even feel guilty.

At what point do CSI and L&O run out of stories? Ever?

I haven't had a porn link in a while, but I honestly don't have a good one for you. Suggest one in the comments. iTunes is the new porn. Or the new black, I can never keep those straight.

Pitchers and catchers this week? Ahh, magic words, since I can only do so much on entertainment. I did see "Return of the King" finally. Well worth the time and Oscar worthy.

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