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A Humbled Man Gives His Picks
2008-10-24 22:53
by Scott Long

Just a week ago, everything was going well on the betting front.  21-9 overall in the colleges.  Then came last Saturday, when I went 0-6.  Hey, but I'm still 21-15, so that isn't so bad, right?


Purdue (+2) Minnesota

Kansas (-1) Texas Tech

N.C. State (+12) Maryland

Virgina Tech (+5.5) Florida St.

Colorado (+24.5) Missouri

4-star Tennesse (+7) Alabama

I've lost a lot of games on the Boilers this season, but I just don't believe in the Gophers.  The Red Raiders have played no one and this week the Jayhawks change their path.  Maryland will be flat.  I love Beamer versus Bowden getting points.   I will take the Buffs getting over 24.  In my SEC game of the year, I will take talent getting points at home, even though it might be the biggest coaching mismatch of the week.  I am actually going with Fullmer versus Saban and making it a 4-star game.  Stupid like a Fox.


Philly (-8.5) Atlanta

New England (-7) St. Louis

(3 star) Buffalo (-1.5) Miami

(3 star) San Diego (-3) New Orleans

I was a respectable 2-2 in the NFL last week.  I like the Jim Johnson blitz package against a rookie QB, so take the Eagles to cover.  The Patriots are bound for a letdown, but I think the Rams will have a bigger one.  The Bills were my surprise team at the beginning of the year and I will ride them in Miami.  The Chargers are a much better team than they have shown, while  New Orleans is starting to crack, as injuries and a lack of a solid defense is starting to overcome even Drew Brees' efforts.

2008-10-25 07:47:31
1.   tsengsational
hm... I disagree with pretty much all of your college picks but agree with all your NFL ones. What about texas though?! Gotta pick that one. I think Texas wins though Ok St might not make it easy.
2008-10-25 09:05:31
2.   Scott Long
Mack Brown is a dynamite recruiter, but I'm not a big fan of his coaching, even though this year they have overachieved slightly. I don't have a good feel for the Cowboys, so I just am staying away from it.
2008-10-25 15:39:18
3.   tsengsational
Well I'm 4 for 4 on colleges so far... unfortunately my fortune is your misfortune...
2008-10-25 15:44:26
4.   tsengsational
5 for 5 if we count the Texas game!
2008-10-25 16:04:03
5.   Scott Long
I have nothing to brag about, as I'm just 1-3 so far today, but how are you 5-0.

You said you disagreed with my picks. NC State won outright. You said you liked Texas, though you thought it might be close. I have no idea what that means against the spread. You know that is what I'm doing here, putting up games against the spread. If you want to gloat, cool, but put your specific picks up here before you do it.

2008-10-25 16:36:22
6.   tsengsational
Whoops. I guess I'm 4-1. NC state lost but Maryland didn't cover the spread so you were right on that. I guess I read that wrong, my mistake.

Next week I'll post my own picks, but I'm not a better and I don't understand how it works all that well so don't laugh it I mess it up =)

2008-10-25 16:36:42
7.   tsengsational
*if I mess it up

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